Jesus H. Christ!

Who Will Save Your Soul?

Jewel, That’s Who

Riding back-seat around Texas as a wee Child, my eyes (and my young malleable mind) were often assaulted by Road-Signs, Bill-Boards et cetera.

One of the most prevalent is one which Proclaimed:

“Jesus Saves!”

Seeing such, I had often pondered…

“Saves? Save What?”

Green Stamps?

Late one afternoon on our way back to Winnsboro, I spied such a sign. Tapped my Maternal Grandmother on the shoulder (In the Front Shot-Gun Seat. I was in-the-back-seat as all good gran-children do)

I poked her in her shoulder and inquired, “Grandmother, does Jesus save Green Stamps?”

(Yes, I Was An Atheist, Even Way Back When)

She, Gran-Mama, Hard-Core-to-the-Core Southern Baptist, was not amused by my question.

She just turned her attention back to the road, With an annoyed ‘Humph’ escaping her mouth, and ignored me.

Graddaddy laughed a faint laugh though.

I Had Won.

See? I was an Atheist, Even Way Back Then.

HaHaHa & Ha!

Rider On The Jesus Storm


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