Joni is Magic On Steroids. Please Read–I Am Worried About Her–This Post Is All-Over-Some Place Today. I’m Just Tryin’ To Stay In-Touch With My ‘Inner-Alcoholic’

If Joni Cashes Her Chips Before Me…

I will go insane

Then Stand-by For Some Un-Happy Words!

Joni is On-My-Mind,

As Always!


Ever-Fukkin’ Day

Is A Joni Day!! Joni!!”


“We’re Captive on a Carousel of Time.

“I have Lost My Mind!

Do Not Read This Vanity Post!

It Is Only Respectfully meant For Joni

“Circle Game”


Don Wand Winds Up His Reckless Daughter

“I’ve been travellin’ so long…

Will I Recognize my home if ever I see it again?

To The Winner Goes The Heart-Sick Blues

Danger! Will Robinson!

This post is


I ‘might’ edit it later

(But Do Not Count On It!)

I have no fucking idea why I am posting this.


I do.

It is because Joni Mitchell has shaped my life (in the best way) more than all the women (combined) who so desperately tried (and failed) to do so.


There will NEVER be a woman I love more than Joni Mitchell,

And I have never even seen her in person,

But I have never even seen Shakespeare either.

In person.

So… Fucking What!

Recent FB Stupid post of mine:

I’d just be happy with a sideways glance from her at me from 200 meters as she bordered her Lear Jet. I would be happy and sated enough to just lie down and die right then and there.

Right fucking there on the tarmac.

My last happy dying thought: Joni looked at me. Ever so briefly, but that is all I deserved.

I do not believe in God.

I do not believe in Yoga.

I do not Believe in Ghost-Busters

I do not believe in Chocolate Milk


But I do believe in Joni.

I can hear/see/watch Joni.

Cannot do that with any God.


More convoluted FaceFuk Shit:

I love Joni.

Joni don’t love me

Why not? You may ask.

Because She doesn’t even know I exist.

(I am about to spill A-LOT  of Virtual ink on Joni. Once again)

Why? Because I love her so much more than all the Tea In China.

Stay tuned!

It ain’t raining here, but I don’t care!


As in general,

WordPress is Fucking Stupid!

There is a Great Link Below To A wonderful Complexation/Complication/Compy-lication, Complied Collection… of Joni Music….

But Y’all gonna have to don them Coke-Bottle-Bottom glasses to see it.


I love love LOVE You!

You have  continuously and always Enriched my Life!

When I die…

I want the two people at my funeral as they spread the dirt over me…

One would be Joni.

The other is a person to be named later… to listen to “Circle Game”—-(see comments if you give at least one fuck)


Just a little more FB Fun…

Quite Honestly

And quite Frankly…

I do not understand…

Why the FUCK…

I waste even one second of what little, finite time…

That remains for me

On This...

Blue, Beautiful Blue Marble…

On Fukkin FaceBook!

Joni has written, sung & performed some of the most beautiful songs in The History of Song,
but I say this w/o apology:
This is my favorite:

‘Circle Game.’

The older I grow, the more it moves me to tears.
I listen to it over and over again.
At least five or seven, or twenty times a day….
Every fukkin’ day.



I wake up…

And this song is playing in my head!

So guess what I do!

I queue it up, and listen.


And perpetually


(And re-enforced just once more in love with, with Joni–As if! As if, I ever would need a booster shot!)

That is a Ridiculous Thought






(Huge Surprise, n’est-ca faux ‘paw’?)


Precious Few Catch My Twisted…

Sense Of Humour.

Vid Cred: JoniJourney

PPS 2021

There is too much ‘Joni’ running about (on the internet)

Of late.


Because we are about to lose her.

She is dying.

I do NOT wannna live in a world without Joni.


If offered the option…

I chose life.

Just as I chose Shakespeare.


Dead or alive.

I love.

I love her.

I will always love her.

On my death bed…

I will say

“At least I knew Joni”

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