Don’t Bother: It’s Just a Re-Run-For-Fun. Makes Absolutely No Sense What-So-Ever, But Still Makes Me Laugh. (At Myself & At This Folly I Call “My Life”)

And Y’all Know, Texas is Buried Deep Within My Texas Soul-Less Soul. The Godamn Volume On My Phone is FUCKED! Please Tell Me You Can Hear Me.

My Cell-Phone is Broken!

And Y’all Know: Laughter is the Song-of-The Soul Yeah, Texas is Buried Deep Within Me

Please Tell Me You Can Hear My Vids…

I Cannot!

I Honestly Don’t Why I take the time to Drop In Poignant Videos–No One watches, let alone–Comments

Rollin Rolling Keep Them Doggies Rolling—Rawhide

Oh And BTW! “Happy Orthodox Easter”–


Yeah–I’ve Spent Some Time in-the-Region

And Yes: I Laugh at My Own Jokes

Somebody Has To

Don’t Worry–I’ll Do The Heavy-Lifting


First Sign of Impendig

/Rapidly Approaching



What’s Next?

It Depends

Street for Btilllant Vidoe

Someday Soon, I’ll Be Needin’ This Product

*Heavy Sigh*




‘Tis A Great Metaphor/Commentary

For My Life (Or Maybe One Of My ex-Wifes)

I wish I Could Proper Edit this Bitch. But, Alas, I Cannot.

Thank You Word-Press!

The Reasons Why Guppies Die?

Stupid Humans

That’s Why

Don't Bother

As MOST of you know, I used to own a “Pet Shoppe.”

Well actually it was just a Tropical Fish Store

In Nacogdoches, Texas.

My Mind Has Left The Building

Tropical Fish is all we sold. (and a few-odd Crustaceans–just for fun)

This Monty Python bit cracks me up.

Customer walks into my store.

“My guppy died.”

 (I had a three-day guarantee on any fish I sold–it was a gimmick, but I honored it.)

“Madame did you put the chlorine removal drops into your ‘guppy-tank?”

“The whaaa? ” she said.

*Heavy sigh* from me

“Ok. I will give you a new guppy and some free chlorine removal drops. Use them this time.”

I think she then told me to go fuck myself and said something about going to Ben Franklin’s up the street.

Benny Franklin sold guppies back in them days.

(And apparently their guppies were made of sterner stuff. )

And hopefully Benny Frank would throw in some Chlorine Removal Drops—but this Broad was probably too stupid to understand how to use them—the process and procedure was above her capacity of understanding.

“Bon voyage,” I said to her back as she departed my life (Hopefully Forever.)

Added Value:

“All the Reasons Why”

Not really related, but I like it.

Not certain why.

But I drop it in–just like a chlorine-removal drop.

If you twist your mind just a little Bit– a little–Bit —

It works

You’re Gonna Cry–Over All The Reasons Why.

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  1. And, Yeah I had the honor, THE HONOUR To Meet Paulette Carlson… in a Shit-Hole Venue, in San Dog, Sand-Dog, San Diego….

    Back when I was a Real Say-Ler-Man

    True Story.
    She Auto-Graphed My Cow-Boy Hat!

    I tried to kiss her.
    She was having none-of-that!

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