I Am. I Truly Am. I Am Just Poor, Pure White Trash (My Daddy, The Well-Educated Physician, Spins Around in His Grave)

“Sorry Daddy; ‘Truth’ Is A Wicked Bitch” And I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Half The Time… With My Genetic In-heritic’d Wasted Mind


I Have Never been able to figger out this whole “Selfie Thang”

Best I Could Muster Found Below:


“White Trash” – Tom MacDonald & Madchild

Texas Loud & Proud!

Cred? Fuk it. I am White Trash. Think I Give a Fuk?

Fire Emojis – Adam Calhoun Tom MacDonald, Madchild


Check Out What’s On My Menu For This ‘Eve

And, B’leve or don’t

I Have Eaten in some of the Finest Restaurants in Paris

(France–NOT Texas!)

I May expand on this later

It is kinda a fun post.

Stay tuned

Story at Eleven



Own Us!

Laughing My Ass Off!

White Trash Weddin’

Cred: Dem Chicks


So Apropos!


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