Yeah, Yet Another Re-Run. I LOVE Amy Adams! “Julie and Julia” And Yes! This Post is All-Fukked-Up! But “Never Apologize.” I May Try To Fix It Later, But Don’t Hold Yer Breath. See Yas Laters Alligators!

This is one of the most charming movies from ‘semi recent’ times.

It works on all levels. It is a delight to watch.

P.S. I love Amy Adams. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

(Meryl Streep ain’t no slouch neither)

And of course, this movie is all about ‘writing’ which hits so close to home for me, your humble servant.

“I can write a blog. I have thoughts.”–Julie

Added Value:


The ‘Real’ Julie Powell

Julie Powell



  • APR 2, 2014

American author Julie Powell is best known for her blog, “The Julie/Julia Project,” and the Nora Ephron movie ‘Julie & Julia,’ which is based in part on Powell’s experience.

Who Is Julie Powell?

Writer Julie Powell received national attention for her blog, “The Julie/Julia Project,” which she subsequently adapted for a memoir. Nora Ephron wrote and directed a 2009 culinary comedy-drama, Julie & Julia, based on Powell’s work and the life of Julia Child in 1950s Paris. 

Early Life

Powell was born in Austin, Texas on April 20, 1973. She attended Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts, graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater and dance/fiction writing. She later married Eric Powell, an editor at Archaeology magazine, and the couple settled in New York City.

“The Julie & Julia Project” Blog

Powell began her famous blog, “The Julie/Julia Project,” in 2002, at age 29. At that time, Powell was working an unfulfilling job at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, fielding phone calls relating to the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at New York City’s World Trade Center. Powell began her blog with the intention of channeling her energy into a more fulfilling venture. The blog chronicled Powell’s attempt to prepare all of the dishes described in Child’s classic cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in just one year.

Powell frequently invoked Child’s journey to her culinary career, as she personally searched for a more meaningful use of her talents. Despite the popularity of Powell’s blog, Child herself did not embrace Powell, describing her project as a stunt without culinary value.

Of Powell, Child said, “I don’t think she’s a serious cook.”

Powell has said that her experience with the blog led her to embrace her talents as a writer, rather than as a chef.

And despite Child’s opinion on the culinary value of Powell’s work, Powell was recognized with an honorary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, the Parisian culinary school that Child attended.

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And of course, She is a Native TEXAN

(Born in Austin)

OF course SHE IS Texican aND hALF-m-ESICAN, aIN;T WE ALL?

Which makes her even more magical for me.

I lover her Atm and her Writing Charm

Ending song for this wonderfully, brilliantly done movie.

(Everything ‘works’ in this film)

It is Perfection

Vid Cred: Julia Tejero


Bonus Cooking Scene Below

I drop this in

Just for the Grin

And for the Laughter Factor

This never will grow old for me..

“Call me back when you get them things cooked. I got a girlfriend.”

I love this shit.

Don’t watch Cable TV.

Not when you can find shit like this on the Internet.


A Very Sad Footnote:

Julie Powell, ‘Julie & Julia’ Inspiration, Dead at 49

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