“Caint Get It Outta My Heart Nor My Head—I Miss MY NAVY! My Active-Duty-Navy. Woe-is-Me. Sorry Kids. Not Searchin’ For Pity–Just Validation.

Had to Re-Post This—

Expanded A Bit.

I’m Trying Real Hard to force it Down,

Y’all Know…Water–For The Salvation of My Liver

(And Some Other Crucial Bodily Organs)

Problem is–Water is Nasty

I Have a Hard Time Forcing It Down

It Is Nasty


What W.C. Fields said About Water:

“I Never Drink Water–Fish Fuck In It”

My Role-Model & Hero:

I’ve loved my life!

Cockeyed Optimist

Mitzi Gaynor

Never Worry!

“Worry” is the most useless waste of human emotions

A waste of time and energy!

Why Oh Why Did Robin off Himself?

I Am Still So Pissed At Him!

Video Credit: BobbyMcFerrin #DontWorryBeHappy #Vevo

Late entry/addition which no one will see. I drop it anyway. just a fond memory:

When I was in Navy SEAL training, late Eighties, we had, everyday, to run around with IBS on our head (IBS: Inflatable-Boat-Small).

This is part of a song we made up:

“Oh IBS! Stuck To My Head I Guess!”

The Instructors Often Filled Them With Sand.

Just For The Added Fun

Rock Portage

So Much Fun!

(One of My Shipmates Managed To Break His Leg While We Were ‘Performing’ This Fun Little ‘Evolution’.)


I loved My Times Two Navy SEAL

Training Experience (’86 & ’88)


Best of BUD/s Instructor Patstone


One day, one morning, my class mustered and went to retrieve our assigned IBS’s. Someone in another boat crew was laughing manically.

WTF? I pondered.

I walked over to the boat crew.

“What is so goddamn funny?” I asked.

“Lookit this shit” one said.

I looked at their IBS.

One of the SEAL instructors had spray-painted on all the IBS’s

“Don’t worry; Be Happy.”

I had to laugh.’

I did still manage to maintain my sense of humor, even though I knew I was probably gonna die that day…. Damn! I miss those days. And all the ‘good’ times! Yeah. Believe what you’ve heard/read: SEAL training is BRUTAL. But ya gotta keep a sense of humor about you. Or at least in your pocket.


I love Barb in Her Sailor Suit!!

(Judy, You know I LOVE You Too!)

“Happy Days Are Here Again!”

I Still Retain/Maintain

Never Re-Strain

My Cherished Memories

(Barbra is Cross-Eyed–Part of Her Charm)

Look Close–You Can See It

Video Credit: George John

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