HAHAHA! IMHO This Post Could Use Mo’ Love. It Has Been Up-Dated–More ‘Content’–

Only Look If You Have A Bit of YOUR Life You Wanna WASTE.

“Shit Post # 9:

Meet Mr. Lance, NEWS JUNKIE”


Cornelia & Lance

News Junkies, Le Deux

Basra, Iraq 2006

Love Potion Commotions!

Love potion number 9, The Searchers

Cred for Vid Share: whoacanyouhelpme


Yes, this is a ‘Shit Post’



KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene QUITS On-Air

Lance Sez, “I Approve of this Message”

You Go Girl!


Watch the below vid.

You will laugh your ass off.

I Promise

And If you B’leave That…

Wanna Buy A Bridge?

Spiders on Drugs:

Street Cred For Vid: Andrew Struthers

Ditto this one below

Fredo and Andrew Cuomo

Cred For Original Content: John Ward


But this is a light-hearted Shit Post, mocking me even more than I mock Broadcast News: CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Etcetera & Ad Nausea

And I am stalling, waiting for MS Muse to respond to my recent

Proposal of Marriage

She is sitting on the couch as I type these words.

(Yeah, she came home after the lights and water were restored)

I am beginning to find her a ‘fair-weather’ muse. Just sayin’.

Don’t matter. I still love her.

She had all her props:

  • Glass of Pinot.
  • Virginia Slim
  • Cell Phone
  • IPad
  • NY Times, Washington Post, And Waco Weekly Wipe
  • Attitude

Yeah. There’s that.

Always that.

Always That Attitude: Nuclear Option


This post cannot stand alone on my prose.

The vids are requisite.

“I just have to look good; I don’t have to be clear.”

The Eagles Dirty Laundry

(Two different versions: I try to give Y’all Choices)

The volume is borked. So CRANK it up. (Video Credit: Video Music, via The YouTubes—Duh!)

Vid Creds: Global News


Love Broadcast News.

Love Mocking Broadcast News.

Love the Eye-Candy ‘Info-Babes’ on Broadcast News. (Broadcast News puts the ‘Broad’ in News)

Andrea Tantaros CNN Bra Size & Measurements

Andrea Tantaros: CNN, Bra Size & Measurements

Guys, you know you want me to drop the link.


Suffer in Silence


Love that I harbor no true malice toward Broadcast News, but G’damn! they are so transparent with their bias.

Added Value: Holly-Go-Lightly

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this brief interlude shit post I wrote while cooling my heels waiting for MS Muse to respond to my Proposal of Marriage


(‘Story at Eleven’)


Bonus ‘Added Value’

More Don Lemon-Head Fails

Credit to John Ward: Genius Man

“No, it’s awful.”

My Cross to Bear

My Spirit ‘Man-able’: Ted Koppel

Video Compilation Credit Below: iLoveChrisCuomo

Uh… Homo-Erotica?

CNN: The Most Trusted Name In News?

Am I homo-phobic?

No! But these two wear me out!

Some of my Best Friends are Fags (This is a JOKE BTW!)

“I love you Don Lemon.”

You never fail to entertain.

Now Please Excuse me while I puke—‘vacuate’ my stomach.

And my mind.

“The Memes Become Reality”


Don & Chris:

Two Marshmallows Colliding in Mid-Air:


Top Ten Lemon-Head Fails

Content Creator: John Ward


Ignore the below, the last on your radio dial, because WordPress is FU*KED UP!

Won’t let me delete it!

It just keeps spinning ‘round an’ ‘round sucking up bandwidth.

Bandwidth I have not to spare,

Nor desire to share.

Fu*k you WordPress!

“Uploading” it perpetually says.

Hey Whore-Press!

How ‘bout I ‘upload’ my Nine Millimeter into your dome?

How would that grab ya?

Blood Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel


I got ‘on the horn’ w/WP

Kind service rep fixed my problem:

Toot Sweet!

Un-Fun Facts:

Dick Van Dyke was an Alcoholic

(And So is Lance)

Vid Share Cred: TheRatbasher

All-in-all, WP has Great Customer Service.

No denying that.

I take back my un-happy words hurled at Them…

Until the next time They-Piss-Me-Off


2 thoughts on “HAHAHA! IMHO This Post Could Use Mo’ Love. It Has Been Up-Dated–More ‘Content’–

  1. DFWSteve,

    I remember a scene from ‘Back To The Future’ where Marty gets home, turns on all of his TV’s and instructs them (I suppose voice-commands were a ‘thing’ then) to turn on several TV channels. One was ‘The Weather Channel’ I Laughed my fuckin’ ass off at that scene.

    Thanks My Friend for signin’ my guest book.


  2. Don’t forget The Weather Channel, back in the early days when they actually covered the weather. Some great broads on there.

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