I’ve Lost My Fu*kin’ Mind! If You Happen To Find It, Please Return it. I wasn’t quite done usin’ it. Perusin’ It. Perusin’ for a Brusin’

I’m a Pain in-the-ass!

Do You Think I am Not Aware of this??

If Not,

Go fuk yerself! (Just Kiddin’)


Mutual Mistrust?

That Works for Me!

No Ordinary Love–One Affair I Did Not Dare–Did Not Go There–Thank God!–I Would Have Had ‘Regrets’–Not To Mention She–She Would Have Had Regrets Too–That, I Am famous For–Creating Regrets

“I’d Give You The World if it Were Mine”

To Give

My Only True Regret in Life:

I Never ‘Made’ a Daughter

I Certainly Had Ample Opportunity

Ethel, The Pirate’s Daughter sketched this ‘Self-portrait’ for me while we were enduring yet another long, boring, bullshit ‘help’ session at UBH Denton.

She would often lay her head on my shoulder and grasp my hand and we got in trouble over this, ’cause there is ‘no touching’ in Looney Tunes Hospital. (We always sat very close to each other—mainly because we were trying to fall in love).

Imagine me, falling for a Cambodian American Girl with a broken wing and a broken heart and a broken mind and a broken life.

And try to imagine her, falling for me.

(See poem below  if you’d like to ‘read more about her.’)

Poem For “Ethel”–Fake Name–UBH: Interlude

Black Hair
Black Eyes
Bright Smile
Great Thighs
Wily Words From Her Mouth
Gave No Pause
Left No Doubt
Words Delivered With Such Charm
Better Watch Out
You’ll Be Disarmed
Your Walls Came Crashing Down
Your Weapons On The Ground
She Was Standing There
(Laughing At My Folly)
Laughing Everywhere
You May As Well Surrender Right There
Taking Me Aside, She Said,
“I’ll Never Be Your Bride.
“But You Knew This All Along.”
She Left Me With A Song
And Made Me Smile Again
Then Left Me With a Fact:
“I Cheats At Black-Jack


(Loved her even more after that Admission)

I blew it

I fuk’en blew it! And I Knew it. Shit!

Vid Credit: Sade (As if Y’all Did’nt Know!)

Yeah, I Fuk around and play loose with ‘puncuation–And Speilin’–Git Over It. It is just my screwed-up attempt to find a life that fits my style, or a style that fits my life. What-The-Fuk-Evah. (Sorry Jimmy; I know I stole that from ‘Your ‘Ballad of Spider John’ song. I’ll send you some money. Two quid suffice? Cheers!)



5 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Fu*kin’ Mind! If You Happen To Find It, Please Return it. I wasn’t quite done usin’ it. Perusin’ It. Perusin’ for a Brusin’

  1. DFWSteve,

    Ah! Mammaries!
    Like the Corners of my Missing Mind.

    Thank you Steve for stoppin’ by.

    Cheers, My Good Friend

  2. Welp, I spotted the Easy Rider DVD. Epic! My friend Mark and I would cue up Peter and Dennis and Jack. We’d crack open a bottle of absinthe (the real stuff I brought back from Europe) and do it right, with the sugar cube, spoon and reaching “le louche” in the glass. “Nick Nick Nick Nick Fu Fu Fu Indians”

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