WALTER, Or ‘Big City, Turn Me Loose & Set Me Free’ “Keep Ur Retirement & Yer So-Call’d ‘Social Security'” LMFAO!

And Like A Good Neighbor… State Farm is There!

Grapes of my WRATH

Stand By!

Justice is A-Comin’

A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

I am gonna attempt to re-count this as accurately and as honestly, as it is a TRUTH Story.

So there I was, my butt firmly ensconced and welded to my cheap beach chair, happily listening to Merle:

“Big City”

BTW, Ask me About Merle–He Did Some Hard-Time in San Quentin

Ronnie Pardoned Him

Go Figger!

Bacck in some day.. I wr’ke for a man, Joe Whitley–

Screw’d his Daughter too

He looked and acted exactly Like Merle Haggard.

I loved him.


I did NOT Love His Daughter,

Although I do now, Brown Cow!


There came a knock upon my door.

I yelled, OK, didn’t yell. I said, “Hang on; I’m a-comin’”

Got the door open and was greeted by the visage of a BBM—Big-Black-Man.

I was born’d, rear’d & raised to be a racist asshole, so natch, my first thought was “Now where did I put my Glock Nine?”

(I continue to ‘Work That Problem, but old rearin’s die hard, slow painful deaths)

Another aside: I was Raised in Ladonia, Texas by a wonderful old black lady, Her name was ‘Jenella’–I loved her

Until I was told I Shouldn’t–Couldn’t–NOT OUR Way!



Turns out I didn’t need it–The Glock

Standing in my doorway was a pleasant-faced big-black-man.

“Hi” he said. “My name’s Walter. I am your neighbor,”

I stepped out onto my ‘porch’ and said,

“Hiyas Walter, my name is ‘Lance’ and I am also apparently your neighbor. What’s up?”

“Uh…” He hesitated, “Could you please turn down the volume on your music—I can hear it through my wall,”

“What? You not a Merle Haggard fan?”

“Uh… Yeah, I am, but not right now; not today; too early.”

I laughed and extended my hand.

He took it and shook it.

“Walter,” I said, “I will certainly do as you ask. Not often do tenants in this town have the decency nor courage, to simply take the matter of the problem to the source. I admire that in a man, and I apologize for my too loud Merle. Nice to know brave, decent folk live in my ‘Hood’—That’s a joke, by the way.”

“Thanks and I get the joke.” he said. And walked back to his Mouse-House,

I retired back to mine and went searchin’ for my headphones…

And Rainbows

“This Ol’ Mare I’m Ridin’–She Gettin’ Kinda Tired.”

No Shit Sherlock.

Cred: MTB


Y’all see?

This is HOW it is Supposed to BE:

Decent people, doing decent things. Respecting– No “Callin’ Up The Management!

Just Communicate!

Be Decent!

Respect Fellow Humans.

That is ALL it Takes

Simple as That.


That Thing Called Respect

Cred: Sunny Shin


A short film on respect

That is ALL it Ever Takes.


Why have most lost this basic knowledge?

I now know I have at least one decent neighbor who has earned my Respect.

I hope to earn his.


P.S. Those of Y’all Who are Astute

May Have Noticed

That I Always (Well Mostly…)

Credit Those of Whom I ‘Steal’ Content.

This is just my Way.


We Good??


We Great!


Good People – Jack Johnson

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