DANGER WILL ROBINSON! “Assholes ‘R’ Us!” While Suffering My Forced Exile From My Belov’d Texas in Fremont, CA, Circa Nineteen-Sixties, I NEVER Missed an Episode of “Lost In Space” I Had a Telescope…

Yeah, I was a Nerdy Kid I Guess. Now I am Nerdy Man, I Guess.

Go Figure.

Wednesdays at Seven P.M., I Was always Glued to the T.V. Channel Four… I Was A “Lost-In-Space” Whore.

Some asshole just emailed me:

(Yes My email Addy is ‘Public’)

I have No Fear!

Feel Free!



I quote her:

“We” (Really?  ‘We?—whois ‘We’?)

She continued,

“We are sick to death of reading about your dead sister! STFU!”

Of course I could NOT let this go.

I had to respond.

And I did,

“Dear ‘We’,” I began.

“I have myriad words for you:

Please allow me to break them down into simple numerical form, so that your feeble mind may process & and maybe even digest:

  1. Fuck you
  2. Fuck you
  3. There is a ‘Feature’ that most Computer Mice have: It is called: ‘Scroll Down.’
  4. There is yet another, more recent Social Media Feature: it is moniker’d, “Ignore.” Try it. And if it don’t work for you, Call Mark Fuckle-Berg.
  5. Do NOT Call me! I will hurt your Soy-Based–Feelings.
  6. You do realize you are attempting to ‘Flame a Writer?’
  7. A writer possessed of a rapier wit.
  8. And a veteran of more ‘Flame Wars’ than you can even imagine in your wildest dreams?
  9. Here is a Clue
  10. And A Nickel
  11. 1st The Clue: ‘You are Clueless.’
  12. Now The Nickel: Go Sit & Spin on top of a Dildo.
  13.  Until it turns you into a ‘Happy- Slut.’
  14.  Have a Day—A Nice One.
  15. Love, Lance”



Just some Small-Mindless

Added Value:

Cornelia an’ Lance–Drunk–Basra, Iraq, Circa …

I forget.

Circa sometime.

(Probably in the past: not tomorrow…)

Credit: moronbrothersKY: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChefbvjHOuDW8nhHu0rN_mw

(I love SOUTHERN!–Ever have I mentioned this?)


Yeah! I am Drunk!

Sue me!

The line forms to The Right!

Take a Number!

Good Luck!

Bonne chance!

Had to Drop some Francaise.

Forgot the “Joni”

Maybe Next Time….


Need Some Joni up in here!

“Save Paradise!”

(Or Just Pave it Over and Call it a Day.)

I’ve looked at ‘Lance’


From Both Sides Now.

Neither One Was Pleasing.

(Scroll Down to The End… For The Ian.)

My God! But Joni is an Angel!

(Have I ever Mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE HER?!)


I know I have posted these words/sentiments of mine before.


But Justin Case some of Y’all didn’t read.

Or Could Never Be Bothered Enough to Notice,

I say them Once Again:

“I enjoy ‘Entertainers.’

I enjoy being ‘Entertained’

By People who know how.

To Entertain.

Do I give a Fuck about their Politics?

Or Which Gender of the month they embrace?

Or Their Personal Lives?

Or How many times their fame and fortune allowed them to say stupid shit?

Or how many under-age Lolitas they fucked during their misspent youth?”

Or How Many Times They Have Been To Rehab?”

I can answer all of the above questions.


With Just One Word:


As Promised Above:

Between the lines of photographs,

I’ve seen the past
It isn’t pleasing

I do not feel a sudden urge to credit the artist.

I you have ever ‘read’ me, you already know.


And if you be new here, welcome aboard!

Welcome Aboard The Insane Train!

Now, will you kindly surrender your ticket?



Last and final thought:

Bobby Darin was/is ‘The King of Cool.’


Street Cred: Cannot find him/Her

Get Back Mack!

Could It Be Our Boy’s Done Somethin’ RASH?”

Yep. Very Much Within The Realm Of Possibility

“Oh Lord! It’s Hard to be Humble.”

(When You’re Me!)

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