“Hey! Did You Happen to See…The Most Beautiful Girl In The World?” –The Silver Fox. “Yeah Charlie, I Did. Her Name Was ‘Karen'” –Lance

Perfect Song for My Post.

Yes, I Am A Pompous Ass–Git Over It!

I Only Steal From The Best.


See? I Offer Y’all Two Choices/Options. Why?

Because I am a ‘Prince-of-a-Guy—

That’s Why

But There was that Too brief, far too brief, shining moment back in the very early Seventies when we all (well, most of us all) took a short break from being ‘so cool’ and ‘so hip’ and ‘just so many assholes.’ All the ‘Beautiful’ people fell head over heels in-love with a really geeky girl. And we were all so much the better for having done so.

This (for those who would admit it), was our favorite song.

For about a week…

Then we rapidly returned to our regularly scheduled ‘ass-hole-ed-ness.’ And never missed a step. Nor did we even look back.

There was that one brief moment, one summer… and of course it could never last… (For Most)

But it lasted for me

And it Will Last Forever


Cheers and Happy Manic Monday,  Uh… ‘Tuesday’ (Somehow I lost a day. Again. Shit!)


Carpenters – Rainy Days And Mondays




UNITED STATES – MARCH 24: THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW – The Carpenters – March 24, 1971, Karen Carpenter (Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

29 thoughts on ““Hey! Did You Happen to See…The Most Beautiful Girl In The World?” –The Silver Fox. “Yeah Charlie, I Did. Her Name Was ‘Karen'” –Lance

  1. DFWSteve,

    “Butch’s Barn!”

    I remember that shit hole joint! My Erstwhile Girlfriend, Becky Washburn, worked there… Briefly.
    Drew Barrett, Kim’s Big Brother, bought it.
    Drew made the fatal mistake of letting Kim Run it.
    Of course Kim and I robbed the till every night of all the money.
    We called ourselves ‘Gangsters’
    But in fact, We were just petty hoodlums.

  2. A great performer. Was a bit anorexic. Probably would not partaken of bbq at The Corner in Ladoina or beers and spaghetti at Butch’s Barn in Commerce.

  3. Burt B. could certainly write some tunes. Real genius.
    Thanks Pain.
    PS: LOL over your comment about Nixon. As I recall, he said he enjoyed the movie ‘Love Story’, with Ali M and that guy, but he did not appreciate the profanity. Ain’t that ironic?! (As you may recall, this was before his ‘Nixon Tapes’ saw the light of day….)

  4. My kindred spirit – this is one of the my favorite songs – I know every word & have ever since it was released ( I was like 8 or 9) – just like me, they long to be . . . {thinking wistfully :-)} I wasn’t a huge Charlie Rich fan, but my mother was, so I know this song really well, too 🙂
    Thanks for the memories this evening!!!

  5. The Carpenters were doomed the moment Richard Nixon said he liked them. But you can’t keep a good Burt Bachrach so g down. My mom hated that Charlie Rich song. She said she was fed up with men and their apologies. Too little too late.

  6. I play Karen on my piano and sing it too, but………………..only when there’s no one around it could kill.
    Cried to both songs, only I’m a chick an’ all.

  7. I was in kindergarten when both these songs were big. I especially remember the Charlie Rich song emanating from the lonely little 4×10 mono speaker in the metal dashboard of my dads ’71 VW Beetle as we drove down hwy 130.

    While not particularly a Carpenters fan, I do love Karens voice, and respect her skills as a drummer immensely (not many people know that about her, btw). I have ALWAYS loved “Close to You”, however. It is one of the songs I love singing to my precious niece Xeoie, whom I love like a daughter (there are a couple pics of her on my blog pages).

    Thanks for the memories, bro. Science Bless!

  8. Hey Lance, I felt compelled to read what I wrote on my post. I do not find anything at all that is critical about Lenny, on the contrary I am alluding to the fact this guy is something special.I am negative about my favourite show of all time Seinfeld because the thrust of my argument was how comedy dates, which of course it does. You got that whole thing wrong about my not liking Lenny. Read it again, but this time sober. ‘Vain Prejudice’ you described me. I’ll divorce you. Haha. Peaches who by the way killed herself. Geldoff’s youngen’.

  9. Oh, wow, the Carpenters. sigh
    Classy music, and a true tragedy.
    What a nice way to take a break from work and remember something so profoundly beautiful.
    Thanks, Lance … you ol’ softy.

  10. You have hit the nail on this sore little boys head! I wrote a post without sufficient knowledge of the man. Ok I get it. ‘Vain prejudice’ I better read some Jane Austen then.

  11. In truth: Yeah.
    I was somewhat disjointed by your comments about Lenny.
    Simply because, I did not think you were speaking / writing from a point of view which was based upon knowledge. I have studied Lenny… I have read his books, I have seen/listened to his performances. I just felt that you, my good friend, were acting with some vain prejudice.
    That’s all.

  12. You still hung up about my alleged distaste for Lenny Bruce? Not true! haha. btw I linked your blog to my latest post. Hope you don’t mind – my friend, ol pal.

  13. That song always reminds me of the classic scene from Parenthood with Rick Moranis.
    She had an achingly beautiful voice. But noone, nada, zilch female singer comes close to the angelic voice of Eva Cassidy. Cool post Lance.

  14. Yes me too, but I have been crying a lot lately and I need to get over all of it and move on (back to The Sandbox–Afgh or Iraq–or maybe Missouri?)
    Hell! If I want a ‘War Zone’, there is one just next door.
    What is wrong with our country?

  15. Karen Carpenter was a beautiful person, in every measurable respect.
    Thanks for your visit and comments.

  16. I was little (sorry!) but my mom used to sing to all their albums. Mom sang beautifully, but Karen’s voice was one of a kind. I still feel sad about what happened to her. 🙂

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