“Facebook Philosophy” Or “Woodstock” Or “Joni” You decide. We still reside (In a free country. Last I checked)


Obviously I stole the above vid, so well done. I will try to find the orig poster and post her or him…. credit. Give me a fuckin’ minute.


I Recently Posted this on Facebook (not sure why)


“To All My Facebook Friends:

I love to ‘share’ stuff.

(This is the ‘primary purpose’ of FB as I understand it)

Some of the things I ‘share’ are good.

Some other things not so much.

But I share anyway. 


  1. Because I can

  2. Because I want to

  3. Because it makes me happy.

  4. Because I am ‘generous.’

  5. And I try to make people happy (If only for a moment)

Yep. I am generous.

To a fault.

I will give you the shirt off my back if it will do you more good than me.

I will give you my food, my booze, my car.

I will give you almost anything I own.

Because I do not care about material things.

The only thing I will not give you is My Life.

(There has been only one time I was ready to give my life for a friend, and that happened one Labour Day weekend back in the Early Seventies)

Sorry Kids. Must Re-Post This. It is All About A Promise I Pledged, Decades Ago… (And P.S. Proper Punctuation & Spelling Ain’t My Thang–Just Saying)

I am older now and hopefully somewhat wiser.

And have become so ‘loving jealous’ of my life of late.

“Life is for learning.”

–Joni Mitchell


(Just for reference in case you are new here):


Just a little more “added value”

If you have come this far,

You must surely know by now how much I love Joni.

Original “Woodstock”


Sung by

A Poet.

“Life is for Learin'”

Typo’s Can Be Funny! Learin’!

Laughin’ My Ass Off!

Ditto what I said above about stolen vids (I am such an asshole)


A Rare Gem

A Treasure.

A Woman (of Heart and Mind)

An Angel.

(There is no thumbnail)

Trust me!

It is Joni!

Watch and listen!

Try this one:

(These two below, actually)

There is never enough Joni in my World.

If you do not love Joni,


You have probably taken a wrong turn at


And should not be here.

Go back to California.

Or Egypt.

Or Cat-Man-Don’t.


Whatever Planet You Call “Home.”

These days.


Cred for Vid: DJ Bayonic


Oh Fuck it!

I will revisit this when I am sober.

Fuck it!

WordPress is obviously 


WP and I have this in common:

We are both…


Fu*?k it!

“Is it all books and words? Or do you really feel it? Do you really care? Do you really smile. When you smile?”


And since I am rather fond of complete sentences

(and closure)

I just feel compelled to drop this bit in.

(For those few, those happy few, who actually “get” me.

And my sense of humor.)

If I keep dropping mindless shit into this post, I am going to lose my f*cking mind.

But I suppose this “Post” Was All About Some Of The Favorite Things I Love To Share.


Fess up.

Wasn’t it?

You should not have come this far.

Go Away.

(This one is just for Lance.)

Vid credit: Boston 4 Evaa

“Say, can I have some of your purple berries?”
“Yes, I’ve been eating them for six or seven weeks now. Haven’t got sick once.”
“Probably keep us both alive.”

I keep ‘sharing’.

But that was the entire point of this entire exercise.


Wasn’t it?

And just to tie up this thought process…

“Few of My Favorite Things.”

Someday, this post is gonna end.

I am gonna keep milking this cow until she be dry.

(Yes! I am insane!)

Please try to forgive me.

Or not.

Really do not care.

At this point.

“Sharing is Caring.”

Laughing out LOUD!

(I do NOT Subscribe to the “Social Justice Warrior” Magazine.)

‘Cuz I am an asshole.

But then, you’d know that….already.

Thank you if you have read this post.

I am not so much of an ass that I cannot appreciate any time you have spent here.

Thank You.

“Guess I’ll set a course and go.”


Oy vay!

Preach On My Brother!

More FACBOOK Philosophy

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  1. Deer John, (or is it John Deere?)
    “Hey! Hey! L-B-J!
    How many kids did you kill today?”

    And you know I have read all of Caro’s books on Daddy Bird
    And I love ‘Daddy Bird’ (What Bro Dave always called him)

  2. Broken record love the way you combine media’s on your posts. Plus you sometimes have older posts for the reader’s reading background. Watched all the way about LBJ . Walter White was LBJ was good. Saw where John Pullen’s mom passed. Plus some Jonie

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