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“Stage Four Zero Fucks Given Syndrome”

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Little Too Edgy?

You shoulda taken that left Turn at Albuquerque

Song, Brilliant Song:

“Zero Fucks Given”

Vid Cred: ThePicturebooksTV

“Take your good arm and just wang it down.”

I love becoming Sixty-Three.

I have reached that stage of life whereby I can say what-ever-the-fuck I want to say.

No Consequenes.

No Reprecussions.

No Nada.

(You got some ‘Nada?’—bring it!)

What the hell anyone gonna do to me that has not already been attempted?

I give zero fucks what anyone thinks of me.

This is so….



So Freeing.

I want for nothing.

I desire for nothing.

I need for nothing.

I am happy.



I love who I am.

The rest of you be damned.

And take a one-way ticket to Hell.

Or Palookaville!

One Way Ticket to Palookaville

And Board The Express Lane.

Put your foot on the gas.

A train possessing  brakes is just not exciting for me.


Added value from a stupid post I posted on Facebook:

Fairly certain, fairly certain, Y’all are wondering what I am ‘into’ today.

“Take your good arm.”

(Or what is left-over of your mind.)

“And just wang it down.”

“Wanging” is good for the Soul. And good for the mind. It is Freedom.


Author’s Addendum:

“I Been ‘wangin’ down shit all of my life.”

Since WordPress is even more fucked up than me.

I just drop this in here.

Fucking choice do I have, WP?

I hate your company.

I truly do.


The best scene from the movie (IMHO):

Yeager and Glennis

A Real Man Dedicated to His Love of a Real Woman


Added ‘Bonus’ Clip:

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