Bang! Bang! I’m Gonna Shoot You Down! Bang Bang! You’ll Hit The Ground. Bang Bang WordPress. Go Fuck Yer-Sejf! Y’all Find Me Stupid? Are You Fuckin’ Serious?

Bang! Bang!

WP Bleed Out


Watch Me Laugh!

In Your Face

As You Die.

Fuck U Word-Presh And That Horse You Rode In On!

Saddle-Up Ass-Holes–And Strap In Tight!

‘Cause I’m A-Gonna Shoot You Tonight!

And STOP Censoring Me!


Don’t Make Me Come To Your Town.

I Will Run Yu Around…

And Ruin Your Fucking Day!


Writing is a Mother-Fucking Battle-Field!

Join Ze Battle?

With Me?

I Do Not Need’ To Cresit This!

Fuk All Y’all!

I Am Armed and Crazy! I’ll Shoot You On Sight! I’ll Shoot You Down & I Won’t Even Care As I Watch You Bleed All Over The Fucking Sidewalk.

Bang! Bang!

I Shot You Down!

U Hit The Ground!

Bang Bang Asshole!

Here Is Yet Another One From The Recycle Bin: “Threw Back Up Thursday: Kinky”(I Attempted To Edit Text In This, To Make It More Readable, But Once Again, WordPress is Being Stupid!—I Cannot Believe I Pay Four Hundred Quid A Year for The “Premium” Version of This Garbage WP Ap!

“Remember the Alamo” – Johnny Cash


I Never Forgit Nothin’

Cred: Wooty


“Me No Alamo”

Just some silly-ness from my immature Blogging Past.

(I do hope I have ‘matured’ somewhat since April, but I doubt it)

Don’t try to judge me; take some grains of salt.

Just kids havin’ fun.


Now, for all y’all Texans out there in Radio Land, this Man needs no introduction:

The Once and Future Guv of Texas:

Kinky Friedman and his Texas Jewboys Band:

He’s just an asshole, but dammit! He’s our Asshole an’ we love him.

Fer the res’ of all y’all who were unlucky enuff to not be born’d in This-Great-Land, Way’ll, Please watch an’ enjoy.

An’ lemme say this by way of dis’claimering: Kinky ain’t no race-ist (Hell! He drives a pickup truck, not a Ferrari) agin’ Meskins. He is all over tongue-n-cheek an’ pokes fun at all o’ y’all Texicans. Most even at me.

Kinky Fer President in ‘16!

Feel Me?

I love all y’all (even all y’all Yankees)

Peace Out,

Y’all’s Lance-ikin

“Aren’t you scared the Lord will hit you with a light-en-ing bolt?”

“I figger if he did, He’d know what He was doin’. I’d just ride it wherever it took me.”

–Dave Gardner

(“Me no Alamo”)


“According to Texas legend, in 1836, when Sam Houston, master of the strategic retreat,


The Raven

and the Texan Army finally allowed Santa Anna and the Mexicans to catch up with them, the Texans waded into the sleeping Mexicans at San Jacinto, yelling, “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” while filleting Mexicans left and right with their bayonets. The panicked Mexicans tried to scramble away, screaming, “Me no Alamo, me no Goliad!” It has come to mean, “Hey, don’t blame me. I didn’t do it.”

“All the stuff I report in this book happened. I didn’t make up any of it.”

“Me no Alamo.”

–Molly Ivins

From her wonderful book: “Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She?”



Read it.

And Weep.

And laugh

Yer Ass Off

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  1. Doug was the very FIRST recorded performance of Austin City Limits. My friend Lee in Dallas lived in Austin at the time and was there. The “herb” smoke was thick in the room. Doug was ‘the man’ around Austin before Willie had ever decamped from Nashville back to TX.

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