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Simple Sample:

Well… let’s see,

Actually I haven’t but two worthy of note. (Now I feel cheated.) When I was in high school, my inner circle called me ‘Many-Feet’. Everyone in Honey Grove knew Jimmy as ‘Peanut,’ but only our clique ever called me ‘Many-Feet.’ I was christened, (or perhaps, ‘reborn’ is a better word) such by ‘Monsieur Le Peanut’ one night as we were all sitting around a campfire, Indian style, passing around a mason jar of fire-water. While throwing good-natured insults at each other over the smoke and crackling of the fire, Peanut, looking at me through somewhat bleary eyes said,

“Marcom, where’d you get them big-ass boats you’re wearin’? Look at them shoes Y’all! They look like canoes! Your name should be ‘Grandpa Many-Feet!’ (I seemed to always be the ‘elder.’) I never seen such feet!”

Everyone (including yours truly) laughed hysterically. Mainly because it was so damn true (I wear a size thirteen), and it was uniquely ‘Peanut’. He had a way of coining phrases no one would else could afford. From that night forward I was ‘Grandpa Many-Feet’ but usually shortened to ‘Many-Feet,’ or just ‘Feet’ for the familiar, informal settings, or when circumstance required economy of language. ‘Grandpa Many-Feet’ was only used when decorum and formality dictated.
–From an old post of mine: ‘Bow Fishing’

My other nickname, ‘Mud Puppy’, I earned before showing up at SEAL training the first time. SEAL trainees spend a lot of time being wet and muddy and sandy and my buddies wanted to make sure I didn’t forget where I was heading.

jesus was a primate

What’s your nickname?

I have many nicknames, some spanning back to when I was an infant.

Some are more embarrassing than others.

A few were born out of love, others were born out of shear humor or a chance encounter.

Starting from the beginning here are mine.

Wook: I was born in the early 80’s, when Star Wars was super popular. As a young child, I would smash my food in my hair. My mom said it reminded her of the Wookies on Star Wars, so the nickname, “Wookie” too hold. Over the years it was shortened to “Wook”.
Now, my mom, her best friend and my brother are the only ones who call me this, and my nieces refer to me as “Tante Wook”. (Tante is German for aunt)

America: I’m known for talking fast. When I was in high school I introduced myself to a few people with, “hi, I’m Erika”. They heard, “hi, .. America”
After a few laughs, it just stuck.
I am still pretty good friends with one of those people and my Christmas card is addressed America, every year.

Air: I guess it is short for, Erika. It came about sometime in high school and has stuck around. In fact, my signature on my drivers license and on any official document is Air (w/my last name).

Reeka: When my oldest nephew was a little guy he couldn’t say Erika, so I became Reeka…. He is 15 & I’m still Reeka.

CaCa: yes, as in poop. When one of my best friends little boys tried to say my name “caca” is what came out. Of course everyone thought it was hilarious and the name stuck. This is one of those names I wish would disappear. It’s always awkward to walk into a party and hear “hi Caca” from my adult friends, but this nickname is picking up steam and more and more people are now “lovingly” calling me it.

Sammie: I love this nickname. I was on a quick 24hr Vegas trip with one of my best friends. We got to Vegas and immediately started playing craps. There were 4 brothers at the craps table; 3 of them teaching “Sammie” how to play. Drinks were flowing, amongst these brothers and they kept yelling at Sammie to bet this, or bet that. Sometime around 3am. The brothers left the table and my friend thought Sammie was bringing good luck, so she started calling me Sammie and has never looked back. In fact, I’m convinced she now believes that is my name.

So I’m known as Wook, America, Air, Reeka, Caca and Sammie… And sometimes my actual name: Erika

What are your nicknames and their origins???

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