Little Fuckin’ Too Late: Y’all… The Vomit Comments Are The Only Worthy Earthy, Things About This Oldie Post—Jes Sayin’… They Say It’s Your Birthday (and please read/watch this one) It may be my swan song.

And Yeah, I Lived In The Middle of-the-fuckin’ East–

Don’t Make ME Special—Just Unusual

Tomorrow I embrace my Sixty-Third Year.

So what?

I find me asking me of late:

“So… Lance, what have you done?

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And ‘somewhat’ related: And…Talia Shire Will never, ever look so good. 


(That Beret! That Beret! Cabaret!) 

And of course, not without saying…

Joel Grey.

And Liza…

And Michael York.


And… whatever happened to Jimmy Buffett’s hair??? (I did read his book, “a pirate looks at forty” fifty, sixty??. did not glean anything from it ‘cept that he loves ‘boat-planes’– shit! I could have ‘wrote’ a better book. Jes sayin’…)

My tweet (if I ever tweet) to Jimmy:

Dude, stick to music. That is what you do best. Leave the prose to those who have some prose… to share. And no! I ain’t talking ’bout me, but in general speakin’…)

(See way below for the JB bits)

(and, yes:  Navy SEALs)

Picks up that conversation:

“Not too much,” I must confess.

“But surely you have touched some lives?”

“Yeah, but mostly in a bad way. I did my best in war zones. I was ‘The antithesis’ of the ‘Bad American.’ Other than that, nope.”

“Perhaps you are being too hard on yourself?”

“You really don’t know me, do you?”

“Well… no. Not exactly. This is just a job to me. Go on.”

“I’d rather not, but hey! Thanks for stopping by.”

“I suppose my ‘work’ here is done. Then?”

“Yeah. You may be excused.”

“Thanks, because I am late for my appointment with J-Law.”

“Happy Trails.”

“But you said one thing; got my attention: You said ‘torched’.

“Naw! I said ‘scorched’ There is some difference.”

Vid credit:HistoryRepeats01

And I leave Y’all with this. It fits:

Or, as Mammy (Hattie McDaniel) said, via ‘Gone With The Wind’:

“It just ain’t fittin'”

(She ‘won’ an Oscar for that. Ya surely know) And in her acceptance speech, she said, and I quote: “I sincerely hope I shall always be a credit to my race.” Can you believe she actually felt compelled to say those words? Well, it was 1940… I suppose. 

Lance loves you Mammy (Hattie)

And look up the word ‘class’ in any dictionary. There you will find a photo of Katherine Hepburn.

Oops! I meant Bette Davis (shit! I cannot tell from the vid which one, Kate or Bette–HBO!–help a brother out here. Which one?) Personally, I am gonna go with Kate.   After further review, I am going with Bette.

“Just hold on and suck in.”

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 Yeah! I always pick the ‘raw’ video. Jus’ me, I suppose.

It was, in fact, my birthday.

Thanks for riding along.

For, there will be Nothing… Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Nothing tomorrow.

Cheers. Beers. Jears. Tears.


Namaste Bit:

And if you find a plethora of parenthesis here…They are for my friend, SS and solely for her own edification.

If you care to dare, Here is her link:

But Be Brave

(I was)

Yet…she scares me…

And last and certainly not least….

“We’re gonna let you go.”

I guess “all of the above” rightly sums up my life.

Happy Birthday to me.

26 thoughts on “Little Fuckin’ Too Late: Y’all… The Vomit Comments Are The Only Worthy Earthy, Things About This Oldie Post—Jes Sayin’… They Say It’s Your Birthday (and please read/watch this one) It may be my swan song.

  1. Heathen,
    Tis a rusty old cage which has not felt the wet kiss of a paint brush in some years…
    But, even though the old cage, she ain’t what she used to be… Well, she gonna provide some shelter for some more years.

  2. I thought I was just rattling your cage. Or maybe it was as a latter day prophet, a messianic figure, inveighing against the hypocrisies of our times. Articulating the popular rage, as it were.

    Nah, just rattling your cage. 😀

  3. Hi Sadie,
    I just now tried to ‘speed read’ through my own post before commenting on your comment. (I tend to lose a lot and far too quickly these days).

    I am in desperate need of an editor! Hahahaha!

    Boggles my mind, some of the ramblings birth’d ‘from’ my mind.
    What can I say? 99% of what I write is ‘River of Conscience’.
    Thank you for taking the time to kayak through it.

    PS: Sadie, you are a truly kind and generous person.

  4. Happy Birthday Lance, my friend!! I hope it was a most auspicious day!!! 🙂 (Getting caught up on my reading on this rainy day.)
    I have to tell you, I truly believe WE ALL touch people in ways we will never imagine or know – good ways (well most people). I KNOW this to be true. AND I Know you are one of those people <3

  5. The “Doobs”
    David, That is Funny (and spot on!)
    You made me laugh out loud, and THAT is a wonderful b’day present.
    Thank you.

  6. Happy anniversary of your first spanking. At 56, I find myself occasionally wondering “what i have done” or pondering “the meaning of life” as well. I think it’s obligatory. Then I calculate that i am only about half way through my adult life (knock on wood), and if I want to “make a difference”, I have a lot of time left. I haven’t been reading much lately, but yours is the only blog i am likely to scroll back on when I have time. Swan Song, Schwan Song. How many “farewell tours” have the Doobie Brothers had so far? I saw the first one in ’82 or something like that.

  7. It didn’t start as an attempt but by the end… it kind of did.
    It’s the effort that matters and right now – all I have is effort.
    You are much welcomed.

  8. 57 is a great age to be in 2014: Too old to be employable, too young to retire. “Thank you for your service, now fuck off.”

    Happy birthday anyway!

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