Did I Already Re-Post This, Seven Times? OK: Here is Number Eight–Please Pro-Create–Something Worthy… Endeavor To Enjoy! Oh Boy! “A Love for All Seasons. And For All The Right Reasons”

Just once.

For Just one look.

I would walk to the ends of all the deserts in Arabia.

Just for one kiss.

From her.

Drool Down.

I am talking Olivia here.

Not Linda.

Just One More In The Continuing Series:

“All The Women Lance Loves”

Have a Blast.


Street Cred Vid Share Credit: stumblingChaos

She has such a wonderful, charming laugh.

Take note of how they share the orange juice.

What a lucky bastard, Leonard!


Olivia on the phone with me:

(Wanna Talk Vain Fantasy?)


And Just To Lift Your Spirits:

“O happy dagger,

This is thy sheath.

There rust and let me die.

Whomever posted this really fucked it up with their lame-ass dubbed-in music.

But it was the only clip I could find.

(Give me some time)

I will find a more respectful version


Bonus (Just for fun)

“Do you know it?”
“Every word.”

(Writers inhabit a strange/insane/inane world)

“Writer is he?”

“Did I mention her bosom?”


“Strangely enough, I’m a bit of a writer myself.

Won’t take you long to read it.

I expect you know all the booksellers…”

(Exeunt Stage Left)

Gwyneth, I don’t care that you are bat-shit crazy nuts!

I adore you!


I love the emotions Shakespeare drags out of me…

Kicking and screaming

Claire is so beautiful!


Yeah I know.

I suck at editing.

Wanna come help me out?

(I might even pay you, or, At The very Least, Write You A Hot Check–Which Will Bounce–Off My Miss’ed Pave-Ment!)

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