Please Read The ‘Commendatory- Not Ordinary, Selection—Thanks!—Happiness is Lubbock… Rear-view Mirror. Just Kiddin’ Y’all!

Please Don’t Shoot Me.

“I’d Come home drunk and try to write, but the words came out all wrong.”

“Too much gin an’ not enough vermouth…”

Why, oh why do I love that quote?

90 thoughts on “Please Read The ‘Commendatory- Not Ordinary, Selection—Thanks!—Happiness is Lubbock… Rear-view Mirror. Just Kiddin’ Y’all!

  1. That’s where I’m downloading from.

    Oh, you have no idea. I use my phone as a tether to get on the internet. Slow as molasses. No. Slower.


  2. And with our concurrence, I will take my bed. I am exhausted.
    I just love stealing Hitchens to feebly make my (his) point.

  3. working on it. I do remember when Diana was killed and feeling shocked by it at the time. I wasn’t wailing in the streets though. I mean, I’d never even seen the woman from afar…

  4. Yeah. I’m glad I’m not subjected to that. My feeling has always been: “Damn. Shut up and let the family grieve and find a way to move forward without your constant nattering on.” I think we agree on that.

  5. It is apples and oranges: Robin Williams actually did something. Made ppl laugh, but the weeklong coverage by CNN, et al….makes me ill. The man deserves to RIP

  6. sigh I hate to do this, because I don’t know when I’ll get to talk with you again, but I’m about ready to drop off right on my keyboard. I gotta get some sleep. Please keep in touch when you can. Yes?

  7. If I ever meet the man or woman who claims to know what they’re doing, I’m going to give ’em a big smile and then promptly run away.

  8. I think WP killed it anyhow.
    Cannot see it any where.
    Don’t despair. 😉
    I don’t know what I’m doing half the time anyhow.
    But, my grammar is generally good and I have spell check at my back.

  9. Possibly. I’m pretty cut off from the hoopla. I know he died. I wrote a post that won’t get me any writer of the year awards and read a few others here. That’s been about it for me.

    I will watch. Be forewarned: my connection is crazy slow. It takes a long time for a video of any length to load for me. But I will watch. (Gotta love Hitchens, too.)

  10. I am not disparaging the man. He was an awesome talent, but it is ‘Lady Di all over again” don’t you think?
    You should watch this

  11. Robin’s suicide kinda hit me hard. I grew up with him. I’ve said it before: there were times when he annoyed the shit out of me. I loved him anyway. He was a fantastic dramatic actor, IMHO. And being one of those people with recurrent depression and suicidal ideation, it’s hard not to be slightly jealous. He, at least, is at peace. I know it’s F’ed up, but there it is.

  12. Here is a great quote from Lenny:
    “I don’t live in a vacuum. Everything I have, I stole from somebody else. I am screwed; I speak English.”
    Or something like that. I may have juxtapositioned the words, but you get it.
    Everyone is going on and on about R. Williams…Lenny…He did it for me.

  13. You’re way smarter than I can ever hope to be, and I’m pretty smart, if’n I do say so myself. I had to use Google translate for that. I assumed you were in agreement, but I figured I ought to make sure. 😉

  14. Ruint. No.

    Disillusioned? Maybe. Is losing one’s innocence the same as being ruint? I don’t really know. But then, I never really was innocent.

  15. “We were young once, and soldiers…”
    Then we saw Led Zep in Dallas….Then Janis… then….well, then: we were ruint, but we had been to Haight-Ashbury already, hadn’t we?
    What could one possibly expect?

  16. We were stealthy. This was our turf, as you know…
    My best friend had drown here not too many years before. If that dont pass for ownership……

  17. ” Using brute strength, he liberated a plank from one of the picnic tables, and then using the axe, shaped it quickly into something that would pass for a crude paddle.”

    Don’t imaging the Park Service would’ve liked that much either. XD

  18. “We beached the Jon Boat and unloaded ourselves and a few of the larger catfish, which Gene took over to a picnic table and began to gut and clean. Probably that would have been frowned upon by the park service…”

    HAHAHA! I’ll say…

  19. That’s pretty much as good as it gets.
    You may stop reading now, but if you don’t intend to, please tell me. I will stay up for the rest of your misery.
    i.e., I will stay with you…and hold yer hand….

  20. I wish I knew.
    I have subscribed to… well… long story, to a neophyte web site for SFJYWNT.
    Stupid fuckn jobs you would not take…
    I will let you know.
    (They are the the outfit lead me to Kandahar, back in ’11. Iraq in 05? I did that one on my own)

  21. God knows when I will be here again to catch your feed-back as a writer..
    OK: Thanks.

    I don’t know why I love this story so much… Actually, I do. And if you have ever read so much, about so little this little man did to make me who I am, you would too

  22. Riiight. You don’t want me to read the story you went to all the trouble leaving a link to…

    Lance, you don’t need to use any re-verse psychology on me. I’m already a convert. 😀

  23. Please don’t! It is a fucking novel!
    A nouvelle novel!
    You will regret your time spent there…but…It is maybe…one of my favorites, although no one has ever read it, just like that time back in ’93 when I wrote that paper on Bogey and Bacall… Nother story.

  24. That’s an understandable shame. Here is a bit, and a link to a too long bit:

    I saw ‘Nubbin Kileen’ the world-famous hay-hauler, pull up in his Forties’ era flat-bed hay-truck. He climbed out, wearin’ chaps, Holy blue jeans, a beat up old straw hat and holding a hay hook in his right hand, as if it were an extension of his arm, permanently affixed. He looked about spent (or drunk)—or both. He also sported long, filthy hair (still bits of hay stuck in it); he reminded me of perhaps a cheap imitation of Bob Dylan in later years. I sauntered over to talk to him, as he was a legend, and I was hoping to haul hay with him as soon as school was out in a few weeks.

    hay truck

    “Hey Nubbin, how’s it going?” I asked cheerfully.

    Here is the rest of the too long one, which, actually was never bout Nubbin, at all:

    And if you ever find time to wade thru this one….Well, I will be most impressed.

  25. Ya know…
    Back in the Seventies, when I was a wee chile, a-hauling hay in NE Texas, I knew a man. (NOT that way!), who always would ask his hired hay hands, “Whar ya been? Egypt? Git back ta wurk!”
    Once I finally made it to Egypt proper, I sent him a postcard.
    It read:
    “Nubbin, Fuck you! I am in Cairo!”
    Left no forwarding address, I did not…

    (Kinda certain I have blogged ’bout Nubbin….)

  26. I ain’t to the ‘bullets fly’ part yet. (Although certainly I have heard their song before)
    In fact, seems no one wants me for pay, so I think I am gonna volunteer to get to Kurdistan..
    (I ain’t fibbin’)

  27. No shit … Wow … I have so many questions since i have read so many of your posts! Also a little speechless. I have so enjoyed getting to know you online & fully plan to hear back from you someday on the flipside my kindred spirit!! 😘

  28. Where you going Lance? Or just moving on to a new daily routine?
    :-* 🙂 {Hugs} (Had to do it!!!)
    I’ll wait for you, my friend <3

  29. Will miss you, Lance – but good luck in all your endeavors!! I’ll be here – & see ya when you get a few mins to say Hi and let us know your still out there somewhere!! 🙂 I think you will be back sooner than you think ~ ☮~

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