Just Another Immaculate Resurrection (Updated) From The TT&H Archives: “Daily Lenny Fat Boy” or “Moldy Oldie Goldie Goodie” Breaking News! Lance Marcom Adores/Respects/Admires Lenny Bruce! Run Tell That! (Sorry Peanut!)

Here is the Monday Daily Lenny.

Please Enjoy Fat Boy:

Satire at the Expense of Used Car Salesmen

(Among Other Things Just as Unimportant)

“Rocket to Stardom.”

“a Stone Age talent-search television program that pre-dated “American Idol” by half a century. It might also be described as a pre-Pleistocene “Gong Show” — though it lacked the gong and snarky host, Chuck Barris.”

“Rocket to Stardom” was a psychotherapist’s dream: a slow-motion train wreck distributed via TV for rubberneckers and the unhinged.

The Los Angeles Times once referred to it as a “freak show,” and in some respects it was. But a number of amateurs who appeared on the show were able to launch successful performing careers. Sitting atop that list is Duane Eddy, a Grammy Award winner who’s been called the greatest rock ‘n’ roll instrumentalist of all time.

–Jim Carnett

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