Speaking of… NY City & Liza Minnelli… CNN Ruined My New Year’s Eve Experience!

I NEVER Go Out On New Years Eve.

Why? One might ask.

I refuse to drink with amateurs.

That’s why.


I’m just a-sittin’ here, tryin’ to get drunker ‘n’ Cooter Brown.

And BTW, Who The Fu*k is ‘Cooter Brown’?

Found Him!

Bears a Striking Resemblance to Your

Humble Raconteur

(Ain’t He Precious & Cute & Cuddly?)



I LOVE NYC (or at least my fantasy nostalgic version of it from The Forties)
For Lance, The New Year Only Begins when New York City drops that Big Ball in Times’ Square.
This year they ‘Dropped the Proverbial Ball.”

(Or did drop the Actual Beautiful Big Shiny Ball–I honestly don’t know–Because–CNN)

And chose to broadcast fucking car commercials instead.
Fu*k you NYC! I am finally so OVER You!
(I am gonna remain in Texas.)
IF they did actually literally drop the Big Ball, fuck you CNN because you did NOT SHOW it.
Fucked up my New Years’ EVE Experience
Fu*k you CNN!
(If anyone can find a video of the Ball Drop from tonight, 2020, if there actually is one, please send it to me—I wanna see it)
I am so pissed that I don’t even wanna watch Lame-Ass Don Lemon get drunk.

(What a Fuckkking IDIOT Moron HE is, but THAT IS A DIFFERENT POST)

From a recent Facefuk Post of Mine:

“I CANNOT wait to watch DON LEMON make a complete and absolute ass/fool of himself tonight.

He never fails to ‘deliver.’  And make me LMFAO!

(Watching CNN ‘do’ NEW YEARS EVE has become a Lance Marcom ‘Family Tradition.’)”

Fu*k it!

The Magic is GONE!
Not a propitious beginning for 21!
I fear we are gonna be more properly FU*KED than we already are….
We got No Karma to cash in.

I LOVE Liza—Jusr Caint Hep it!

The below is a powerfully, passionate, Magical rendition of one of my all-time favorite songs.
Way to Go Liza!

“Liza with A ‘Z’”

(Only ‘true’ Liza Fans will Catch the reference)
I have always loved you ‘Lisa’…

Opps! Sorry! Oh of course, only real Liza fans will get the joke.
(But of course, you already know that)

OK. Just gonna throw this in for reference (This post is all over the place. Unlikely I will ever ‘come back’ and clean it up)

Anyway… more on Liza:

“Liza with a ‘Z’. Not ‘Lisa’ with an ‘S’”
(Old album of hers that I wore out listening to over and over and over and over again.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWURas7fYwk

I love you Liza!

This Rare Time, The ‘Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’

Got it Right:

Life is a Fucking Cabaret.
Try Living it!


Oh! And lest I forget to drop this in:

I also laugh my ass off watching these Bobbsey Twin Idiots:
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper
CNN, You are a FU*KING JOKE!
I don’t want to be unkind, but these two assholes wear me out with their fake, forced banter.


I drop in something more “Happy” and “Upbeat” Below


(I have reading glasses–I can see the truth)

FUCK 2020!

(And YOUR lack of Compassion for Humanity)

“Hey Twenty-Twenty One!

Don’t make me angry.

You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

(Just trust me on this and keep your mouth shut and your ears open)

And of course, I am the quintessential ‘Dancing Clown’

(This should go without saying)

There has never been, nor never will be, a woman in ‘my life’–virtual or otherwise–that I will love more than Joni.

And if you have ‘groan-tired’ of me bangin’ on about (Joan) Joni you are visiting the wrong blog. Go Away!

“Cherchez la femme
Whenever love comes around
Someone’s a dancin’ clown
Cherchez la femme
Whenever hearts start to pound
Someone’s a dancin’ clown”

C’est moi Joni.

C’est Moi!

A Dancing clown.

C’est Moi!

More Joni may be found here (If you give a fuck, that is)

2 thoughts on “Speaking of… NY City & Liza Minnelli… CNN Ruined My New Year’s Eve Experience!

  1. NYC is yesterday’s city. A faded relic wheezing and gasping under the perpetual assault of crime and ignorance. Meanwhile, cheerful news: The locus of business and entrepreneurial verve has moved south. NYC is a legend in its own mind or , more accurately, in the mind of New Yorkers. Everyone else has passed GO and moved on to better environs. Like Texas.

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