Sea (Somewhat of a Stream of Almost Consciousness)

The scariest thing to me…

Was at sea.

In the Indian Ocean, late one night

(That “IO” That Ho!)

Late at Night.

And the ship was tight.

And the waves were big.

Real big.

IO, She was angry.

And I was scared.

(No! HE Was scared).

I was never scared!

I was drinking coffee… And in between, walking on the bulkheads—all you sailors out there—can relate, and compare…

Never scared, but aside from my ‘coffee mates,” I knew, did, had done… the same drill… Too many times. (Fuckin’ Black-Shoe Navy!)

And if any of y’all find any of my  ‘Sea Stories” unbelievable…The preamble to any good sea story is “This is a no-shitter…”

And then there was Melville…I’ve been around the world and  once saw two white whales fuck.. I did. And there were dolphins… standing by… giggling.

 I have been to Australia.


And it follows, I have been to sea before:

And here, (for you purists) is the original, stolen from “Hejira”:

My Thanks to

“I’m just a simple soldier Son.

“With one more Year to Go.””

15 thoughts on “Sea (Somewhat of a Stream of Almost Consciousness)

  1. Reblogged this on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics and commented:

    Ya know what? I am in a piss pour mode. Don’t take it personal. Since I swerved into a Kris K mode… Well, if you watch all the vids, you may come to understand the depth of my depravity. Or not… “We shot our ammunition and we’re all but out of booze.”

  2. We joined the Navy, to see the sea. And what did we see? We saw the sea.
    Sorry. One of my favorites.
    Lived on a ship for more than a year. Loved every single minute of it–apart from the minutes that scared the bejeebies out of me.

  3. Ya know, HH,
    My Friend.
    There is yet another post happening here.
    Oh Drear!
    I have thrown some coin at them such, and ya know what?
    I would not allow them to operate an elevator for me.
    Need I speak more?
    Did not think so.
    Post On Shrinks…hucksters….forthcoming…
    Stray Tuned.

  4. I tried that once. First a psychotherapist and then a psychiatrist put in writing that I was not nuts. I think they might have been just getting me out the door quickly and quietly.

  5. You Sir, are correct (in the extreme.)
    but… for sailor’s sake, let’s call ’em ‘bulkheads’… attention to detail Sir. Attention to DETAIL

    The Navy taught me that (and how to properly fold my skivvies)

    Anchors Aweigh!

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