Sensitive/Not Sensitive My Muse has left me—Permanent—And Yes! I Love Women! Believe It Or Don’t, “I’m Sensitive” Is MY Theme-Song.

My ‘Philosophy: “It Doesn’t Take A Talent To Be Mean–Stay Open-Hearted -And Honest”

She’s Returning to Olongapo City—Or Wherever-the-fuck she originated ‘From’—Good Riddance.

She was always a pain in the ass anyhow.

Gonna Hurt You

Permanent–MS Muse

I was a Boxer In My Youth and even while In the U.S. Nav–

Never Defeated,

Though I bled a lot–I Never went down

But Got My Ass Kicked–

A Lot

Yet I Was Always Still Left Standing

When Better, Superior Opponents

Layin’ Flat On Their Backs


You See?

It Was All About Self-Dogg’d Determination



Cred for Vid: Who Cares?

It is Public Domain at this Point

“What’s That Thing in Yer Ear?”

“I Hear Stupid Things Better.”

Gotta LOVE Mickie!

“Bon Voyage Bitch.”

Jann Arden!

(You Must Know How I Love Her–Scroll Down)


And Of Course,



“It Doesn’t Take A Talent To Be Mean”


I’m fu*cking sensitive



(And I’d like to remain that way)

So if you are not ‘on-board’ with that, get outta my life.

Because I will wreck your train.

I will derail your ‘Vain Train.’

(I certainly have ‘derailed’ mine.)

I am a fucking “professional” at derailing trains.

Also pretty well-versed in Train-Wrecks

I will sink your shit (and your ship).

I will burst yer bubble.

I will destroy your expectations and any aspirations you may have had for me.

I would not give you a dime.

But I would give you the shirt off my back.

Because I care.

About humans.

And my character flaw

Is that I am generous.

To a fault.


But In short:

I am an asshole.

(And I’d like to stay that way)

The only one forced to live with Lance is “Lance”.

(And of Course MS Muse)

And she ain’t  too fu*king happy with her Indentured Servitude And she finally has had enuff.

But screw her!

I paid her!


I fed her.


Never ‘bedded’ her.

(Wanted to)

I missed her before she even got into her car.

“I have done a curs’d thing.”

I don’t need to hit you over the head by dropping in the lyrics.

Pretty certain if you are HERE you appreciate SMART.

And if not.

Get off my page.

Go look for something mundane.

And have a nice day.

Oh! and please be careful with me:

I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.



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