OH MY FU*KIN’ GOD! “I Thanks God For Giving A Shit About Me!” And For Being So Generous & Kind As To Send Two Of Your Angels My Way–I Never Even Deserved One.

There Are Still Good Folks In This

Topsy-Turvy Whurl!

(There is a Convoluted Post Buried In Here Somewhere—Good Luck Finding It–I Can’t) Fuk It!

I give up! I’m Gonna Git Drunk!

I Reeeely Do NOT Need Yer Help In This Ambition! / Enterprise / Surprized?

“Hitch Slap!


I Did NOT Ask To Drop This In

But Word-Depressed Decided It was ‘Poingnant’

Trusst me:

It Ain’t

Fuck Word-Press!

Cred for Vid Share: YouTube Movies & Shows

Hitch Bitch Slaps His Brother!

Don’t Even Get Me Started On This Clip(

Please View It; It Is Brief)

Within the short time span of less than thirty minutes

Two of my neighbors

Both chunky black women

Brought me

“Thanks – Giving”

I am truly Blessed




Good People

Good Women

I used



On Both of Them:

I said,

“God Bless You”


And All Y’all Know I am An Atheist

If There is a HELL, I’m A-Going There

But Not Today



The Charlie Daniels Band –

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

He Shoulda Stayed In Dallas:

We Love Him There

Cred To Rusty Weir

(Russell Allen “Rusty” Wier was an American singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas)



Just Yet One More Of My

“Spirit Animals”

Doug Kershaw – Louisiana Man

Scrazy Insane Cajun Motherfu*ker!

Travis Tritt – Love of a Woman

What They Brought Me!

These Ladies Truly Touched My Heart


Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman:




There are still good people in this world!

I Must Hang Onto That Faith.

There Is No Other Option For My Psyche


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