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Go Sit And Spin

On Top of This!


“Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”

I Never Get No Satisfaction!


Cred For Vid Share: ABKCOVEVO


Joni Mitchell –

“Furry Sings the Blues”

“Down An’ Out In Memphis Tennessee”

This Song is…

Words Fail.

‘Cept To Say, It really Moves Me.

It Do Help If You Know Your Music History

And Have Ever Lived in Memphis Tennessee

(Of Course)

“Bourbon Laughter”

“History Falls to Parking Lots & Shopping Malls”

Furry Lewis:







The Genius That is JONI

How Could Any ‘Thinking’ Man, Woman, or Child Not Love Her?

“Eye-Shades & Guns”

Joni Mitchell – Song For Sharon (Live London 1983)

“Face The Dream’s Malfunction”

If You Are Well-Read, You Will Catch the Ophelia Reference:

“A woman I knew just drowned herself
The well was deep and muddy
She was just shaking off futility
Or punishing somebody



Walking in Memphis

Cred: Marc Cohn 


Lyle Lovett – “I’ve Been To Memphis”

This afternoon I suffered a brief epiphany. Now yes I know, there is no such thing as a unique ‘brief’ epiphany. All epiphanies are brief. (“an experience of sudden and striking realization”) By definition. But I suffered one, brief though it was, now it is mine. I aim to keep it and make it not brief.

My ‘sudden and striking realization’ struck me at Kroger’s, standing in the check-out line and in my usual hurry. There was a man in front of me in one of those grocery-store golf carts. He kept bumping into shit, trying to navigate. He was cheerful. The cashier was cheerful. They both laughed at his lack of driving skills. Then… I had to laugh too. With them. Then it hit me. The cashier lady was black. The bumpy lousy grocery cart driver was white. In Memphis, this is how we roll: people are Kind to one another, regardless.

In Memphis Tennessee. My adopted ex-pat State, right there on the spot, I fell in love. Yes! Love! (took me far too long)

Ask me why? Why today? Why after so many times in which I have railed against the slowness of the shopping cart? The slowness of the cashier. The slowness of the people to gas their cars when the light turns green and I am in a hurry (hurry for what?) The casual way life is approached?

I cannot answer, but it hit me today.

It hit me! Suddenly!

I used to be that way.

That way. That bad way.

And I was happy, being mean.

Then I got in a ‘hurry’ and I was even less happy.

Never took the time to talk to folks. Never said ‘Hello’ Never helped someone needing help. In Memphis, people still help people; they have a conversation in the check-out line. Those waiting to check out, check their egos in their cars. Life is sublime. People are Nice! Nice! Civil! Nice Civil People! Can you imagine?

I need this.

I needed this!

I have it now.

I had an epiphany.

I have an epiphany.

And I am gonna keep it.

And I am gonna take it home (To Texas) when I get there. ‘ Lesson I learned in Tennessee.’ Shoulda learned it in Texas.  Texans have always had it. Understood it. Embraced it. With both arms open…



I Will Always Love My Country



“Try Some Kindness”

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