What is WRONG With Me? I Still Cannot Get Her Out of my Head.

It is well-documented in These Pages How Much I Wish I’d had a Daughter, but…

I Cannot Even Begin to Fathom, Imagine…

What I Would Do If I’d had a daughter

and then some worthless piece of shit asshole…

This is Really Fu*king with my Head.

Such a beautiful young girl….

I was gonna try to make some sense of this original post.

Now I cannot.

This whole sad saga is just horrible.

It is too horrible.

Just too horrible. I cannot even think of how…. can you imagine what the poor guy who finally found her body is going through??? PTSD? I’d rather die in Iraq, than go through that experience.

A beautiful young girl, pumped full of drugs and alcohol.

Hollywood Assholes!


The story truly does break my heart. I always wanted a daughter. Just never got around to making one—always too fucking busy….too busy to do my part to create a new life??

A beautiful life.

An innocent new life, full of hope and promise.

And this makes me sad now.

The only truly true regret I have.

I have done terrible things.

I have done good things.

But the worst thing I did but never did was not have a daughter.

Because I am selfish and stupid and ignorant and narcissistic.

Gabrielle Gabby’ Petito

Rest in Peace


This asshole, Brian Laundrie who murderized her needs to be castrated, drawn and quartered burned at the stake and then whatever is left of him be given to wild dogs for puppy chow.


Gabby Barrett – “One Of The Good Ones?”

What We’re You Thinking,

Beautiful, Young, Innocent Girl?

Song for Gabby

Only one I have been able to find thus far.

I hope it is respectful.

Fucked up as it is.

“One of the good ones?”

Gabby probably thought so.

Right up until the asshole murdered her.

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