Uh… Just for Fun Re-Run. “An’ We Drank a lot of Whiskey” And Once Again, I Cannot Proper Edit This. Thank You WordPress! (Assholes) As An Aside: Texans Are Bat-Shit Crazy. Watch Yer Ass If You ever Approach One.Yeah, ‘Red-Neck’ is My Middle-Name. Git Over It!

I saw Willie live and in color, Commerce, ETSU Gym, Circa 1976.

David Allen Coe opened the show… for three hours.

(He ‘Almost’ Ran Outta Material)

Willie was late.

Once Again.

Didn’t Matter None: I would have waited all night.

He opened (as always) with “Whiskey River”

The crowd went nuts and I spilled my Wild Turkey Ace-Oh-Ace…

“Gee Ain’t it Funny How time Slips Away”

Me an’ Paul

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