Slight Up-Date: No! Just A ‘Re-Regurgitate’. Call Me Crazy, But I Have Just Experienced a ‘Brief Epiphany.’

Et, Oui: ‘Je Suis laissez faire’ Avec’ Le Punctuation–Realty. Nor Can I Be ‘Bothered’ With Speilling Neither–For That Matter.

For You See… I Just Cannot Be ‘Bothered’ With Such Mundane, Lame, Details—

All I’m A-Sayin’…

(And yes, I know. All epiphanies are brief)

We all have our ‘About’ Pages. Who really ever reads them? (I do)

Here is mine, in case you may have missed it.

(And No! This is not some vain fantasy; just a clarification)

Cheers Y’all.


By Way of Introduction (UPDATED 11 July) Bugs Bunny

Hail Yes and Merrily Met!

My name is Lance Marcom and These Pages will be my Home for the foreseeable future. All are welcome here–welcome to compliment, deride, disparage, commiserate, cajole, rant, rave, fawn, frown–In short, all comments will be appreciated.


This Virgin  De-flowered Slut Blog O’ Mine will contain Tall Tales, Short Tales, Middlin’ Tales, Major Tales, Minor Tales…

Tales of Amusement, Tales of Adventure, Tales of Larceny, Tales of Woes, Tales of Foes, Tales of Loves Won & Lost, Tales of Fortunes Achieved & Squandered, and much more as becomes my wont… 

Tales From Texas, The Middle East, The Far East, The Near East, The Southeast, The South Coast, The South Pacific,The Left Coast, The Old World, and Perhaps Even Oklahoma…

But most importantly, I wish this to be a place for my guests to enjoy, for:

“No profit grows where is no pleasure ta’en.”

(That’s Shakespeare, Y’all.)


Just For Fun Y’all, I am going to throw a new video (or quote, or some other surprise nonsense) up here everyday. Why? You may ask. 

Because I think an ‘About Page’ should be ever-changing and dynamic, just as the Person it is purported to be “About” is ever-changing and dynamic.

Therefore, I upload some of my favorite stuff here. Daily (usually)

So…  here goes for 11 July: Albuquerque (I had the opportunity to live there, once.) For, you see, my mom took a wrong turn at Moriarty… hence: young lives changed. For some forever.

Hope you enjoy.

And please do not forget to listen to what was my mantra while cooling my heels in Amman Jordan in late ’07


The Best of the Hitchslap

tex flag


Bullshit Legal Stuff:

I Suppose it is Time (alas):

All This Shit Is Copyrighted.
Please Respect that, for:

“Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, Is the immediate jewel of their souls: Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing; ’twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands; But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him, And makes me poor indeed.”

-The Management

More ‘Shonnie’ tomorrow. Story at eleven.

Night, Night.


Someone once posited the idea that good posts always challenge the reader with a question (“This invites discourse”)

I cannot disagree, but by the time I finish my posts. I am all ‘discoursed out’.

That said, ’tis good advice. So, here is my million-dollar question:

“How many of y’all ever go to the ‘about’ page ‘ere you ‘follow’? I know I do. And for just one important reason: Sometimes we are misled and by being misled, we tend to ‘say’ things that are offensive to the blogger. Therefore, I like to get a ‘feel’ if you will, of the person’s blog I am about to comment all over. I do not aim for controversy, but I seem to land there more often than not.

Point is… know your audience and never purposely offend.

And May Peace Always Find You.



34 thoughts on “Slight Up-Date: No! Just A ‘Re-Regurgitate’. Call Me Crazy, But I Have Just Experienced a ‘Brief Epiphany.’

  1. I have read most of Hitchens’ books (currently almost done with ‘Hitch 22’). I have also watched all of this debates I could find on YouTube. I am also a Lenny Bruce ‘almost’ scholar.
    And all that and ten bucks will get one a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks…

    Thanks for replying to my comment.
    Oh, by the way, if you happen to like Lenny Bruce, or are curious, I used to post a ‘Daily Lenny’ bit here at TT&H.
    Just click this if you wanna, then follow the Yellow Brick Road down the rabbit hole’ 😉

  2. Ah, i should have been more specific… Bugs is cool… I remember all those missed left turns 🙂 And I listened to the audio but what i was referring to was The Best of the Hitchslap.

  3. I love all sayings ‘Navy.’
    “This is a no shitter” being my favorite preamble to a ‘Sea Story’.
    And why not a meataxe? Works as well as a nod or a wink to a blind horse…
    Cheers! (And thanks for dropping in)

  4. Thank you very much for checking this out. And I am certainly happy you enjoyed the video. (but which one?)
    The audio is about ten seconds. Hope you heard it. It really was a mantra of mine between Iraq gigs…
    Cheers Melanie

  5. Well now this is an interesting and informative About page. You made me realize mine is pretty crap and hasn’t been revisited since i started. I’ll just have to add that to my list of things to do 🙂

    Love the video…

  6. Win a few, lose a few—be misunderstood by more than a few; but so long as we stay—like we used to say in the navy—”as mad as a meataxe” all is well in the world.

    (Why a meataxe? Sir … I have absolutely no idea.)

  7. Great Song

    ‘getting back the good we had beforeeee’

    Stacks and stacks of words that rhyme.. lol

    I see the correlation now.. 😉



  8. No re-comments.. lol Your original comments are awesome and fine and do not need to be remade!!.. lol

    I’ve really enjoyed the interaction!


  9. We are,in fact, actually on ‘the same page’
    Let me think on this. Surely I can glean a better re-comment from me.
    But. Yes! I hear you.
    And I do love the discourse and the honest discussion.


  10. I’m not sure about the misunderstanding part, I was just letting you know that I was grateful you left me a response, and that I understood the concept of life stealing you away.

    Even a smiley face demonstrates time.

    I love the times in my posts or another persons posts when I actually get to engage in conversations and dialogue (kind of like we are doing now). Whether it happens in my post or on someone else’s post, I don’t mind. I’m still interacting, which is my favorite bit (when I actually make it in here)

    I do understand the preference to have readers as opposed to followers. With my schedule I have tried not to have expectations of either, that way, when I get a comment, I get a #Yay moment.. lol

  11. Perhaps you may have misunderstood me. (Then again, maybe not)
    Miss L,
    I love your blog. And yes, I confess (that rhymes) Hahahah
    For me: I never chase followers; I chase readers.
    If that makes sense…
    And, yes: I do appreciate all who even come to my blog.

  12. I wouldn’t even bother with my blog, or with interacting in my blogging community if I ever felt like I was ‘pressured or obligated’ to participate. having those types of feelings would leave me feeling horrible and sad, and that is not something any of us likes or wants to feel.

    We all have our unique lives and respective priorities.
    I try to keep this in mind when people are kind enough to make the effort to either read and comment on my blog, or respond to my comments in theirs.

    Tardy or not, you made the effort and I am very grateful. Thank you 🙂


  13. Actually, it was tardy, (by my standards) but I have been involved in life.
    Ain’t that funny?

  14. Laura,
    We are a fiend (friend?) in WP crime.
    We say shit…
    I love that you follow.
    P.S. I have yet to find an “about” page boring, esp, yours.

  15. Miss Lou,
    Thanks to you.
    (Yeah, I am a poet, but don’t know it)
    Thanks for your visit.
    (and some patience)

  16. There are some phrases in that post I would love to ‘pull back’.
    But, I do thank you for your read and your comment.
    And your making nice to me.
    I do appreciate that.

  17. I read the “ABOUT” page of everyone who comments on one of my blog posts. How else to know if I wish to follow them in return? Or figure out why they may have made the comments they did on mine? Sometimes I am still left clueless. Other times, I find a gem, like you Lance.

  18. Bwahahahahahahahaha!! #LoveIt – Also lots and lots of tales in there! What about elephant tails? Great read, one of the more amusing ‘About Me’ posts I’ve had exposure to!

    Although I do try not to use cuss words…

    Bullshit Legal Stuff:

    I Suppose it is Time (alas):

    All This Shit Is Copyrighted.

    HAHAHA! Well stated!


  19. OMG, I’m cracking up. I love the way you write. The “bullshit legal stuff” LMAO! Great about page. Mine is soooo dull. Happy Saturday!

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