Y’all Know, I’ve Been to Japan. Met Wonderful Folks There. Got Drunk With A Jap–Asked Me If My Ship Carried Nukes.

I Reminded Him Of Pearl And ‘Tora, Tora, Tora!’ Then Said, “What Do YOU Think?”

He Quickly, And Deftly (And Smartly) Changed The Subject Then He Bought Me Lunch. And We Enjoyed A Fine Afternoon Together. We Had Become Friends, You See?

Common Ground of Humanity.

Yes, We Had Became Fast Friends. But…


I Have Been To The USS Arizona Memorial In Hawaii…

I’ll NEVER NEVER EVER Forgive Japan. For Pearl.

NEVER EVER! Sailor That I Yam!

And Just To Prove That I am Not Entirely Vindictive & That I Do Still Retain A Sense Of Humor,

I Drop In This:

Some Shit Though, I Will Never Forget. Nor Never Will I Ever Forgive.

IMHO, We Should’ve Nuked The Entire Island Of Japan Into A Fukkin’ Parking Lot.

And Watched As It Sank Beneath The Waves.

That said, I do know my history.

I know that we… The U.S. of We,

Provoked The Japanese by embargoing their oil.

However, THAT Did NOT Justify Their Cowardly Attack.



I’m an Asshole

I just Won’t Let It Go!

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