Daily Lenny: Performance Film

Here is more from his video recorded performance and yes, most of it is esoteric.

The only video of Lenny (real good video) is from when he was near death. He was most assuredly not at his ‘best’.

But this is all we have.

So we must run with it, because, in my not-so-humble-opinion, his worst was better than the best of Cable Guy, Foxworthy, and even fellow-Texan, Ron White. But that is just me. The only ones who can compare in my mind are George Carlin and Richard Pryor, and possibly Sarah Silverman or Sandra Bernhard.

Carlin RichardSarahSandra

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8 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Performance Film

  1. There will probably be more…
    Cheers Sadie.
    (But,did ya watch The Lenny?)
    We need to talk!

  2. Love Buffalo Springfield – gonna have to pull out that CD next time I write – that one & Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon – saw some special on TV about how it was made – haven’t heard it in quite some time, either – forgot just how damn good it is!!!! Love the 4 comedians you have pictured, too 🙂 I think I have watched all your Sarah videos now 😉

  3. Oh my God, what Lenny could do with the shit that goes on today!
    Love his point on the sex thang and of course the mobster with the star sapphire caught my attention. 🙂
    Oh, yeah, Kudos to the Southern chick, true Southern style, trow e glss. Sorry. :/

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