It Appears Quite Within The Realm of Possibility That I May Have Been (Oh Horror) Mistaken All-My-Life.

For You See, When I First Got Into This Bloggin’ Biz, I Thought People Would Actually READ & COMMENT, AND FEED-BACK.

How Naive I Was Thirteen Years Ago!

Now, I Just Say, ‘Fuk it!’

I Write For My Own Edification.


I Always Drop Vids In To Accentuate/Expand/Make The Point of My Posts. I Know Most, if Not All of Y’all Never Look at them.

This Hurts My Heart, Because I Choose Them Carefully…


But Now, I Have Reached The Escape Velocity of Not-Giving-A-Fuk.

Have A Day.—A Nice One!

I May Have Found Religion. Or It Found Me. Or We Found Each Other. –Can’t Say ‘Re-Born’–

Because I Wasn’t Born:

I Was Squeezed Out Of A Bar Rag

*Heavy Sigh*

Seems The Ironic Joke Is On Me

Perhaps There Actually Is-A-God?

At This Point, I Am Ready To Believe In Just About ANYTHING

Lord Knows I’ve Been Wrong About Shit

Once or Twice Before


Ian Prowse sings:

‘Maybe There Is A God After All’

Cred For Vid: Liverpool Philharmonic


I Am Certainly Feeling Quite BLESS’D

Right About Now.

So Maybe

Just Maybe

Or Maybe… I am Just Lucky

Please Allow Me To Explain:

I Ran Outta Booze Days Ago

Not Really a Big Hairy Deal

(Just As Long as DT Man Stayed Away–He Did–Thank Baby Hey Zeus)

But I Had




(Empty, Try Another)

Credit: The Lovely Joni Mitchell


This Was Bad Beyond BAD For Your Humble Author

I will have No Money Until The 10th of Never (SS Check June)

Copenhagen Cost Seven Bucks & Change Theses Days.

And Ninety Percent Of That Is State Tax!

Fu*k Me!

Anyway, I had been drinking Lots of Coffee–trying to Keep My Sanity Intact and Tryin’ to keep My ‘Snuff Jones’ at Bay.

Running Low On Coffee, I remembered My Savannah GF had sent me a case of Instant Hot Chocolate.

So I went rummaging about in My ‘Chocolate Box’


And Lo & Behold!


Residin’ Within!

Which I had apparently knocked into during an earlier inebriated state of Physical State and Forgotten All About.

Go Figger

Went Immediately Into MY HAPPY DANCE!

Pharrell Williams – Happy 


Happy Days Are Here Again

Cred For Vid Share: George John


Copenhagen & Copenhagen Angel Live Ned Ledoux:

Cred For Share: Ryan Horacek


First words out of my mouth–Spoken aloud in Fact–almost shouted:

“Hallelujah! Thank You GOD! Thank You JESUS!”

Oh Happy Day

Sister Act 2 

I Reiterate:

Maybe There Is-A-God

This Changes EVERYTHING In-My-World-View!


I am A Simple Man:

Simple Wants, Simple Desires, Simple Dreams, Simple Addictions, Simple Character Flaws.


And Yes! I Am A Sinner

Just Ask My Maternal Grandmother.

Bitch Was Always Tryin’ To Shove A Bible Up-My-Ass

You’ll Need A Ouija Board–Bitch Done Been Dead


Hint: She’s The One On The Right,




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