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“Daily Lenny: Lenny Bruce Comes Clean, Plus a Bonus:

Sarah & Matt”

My Only Ambition in Life, Is To Be Funny–Lenny Bruce, Dave Gardner, Carlin, Pryor—Funny.

I Know I Will Never Get there…

So I Just Steal From The Best.

All I Can Do…

Happy Saturday Y’all.

Here is The Daily Lenny:

“Lenny Bruce Comes Clean on Arrests, Dope, and Some Other Stuff”

Please Enjoy

(It really helps if you know your 1960’s history—Jes’ Sayin’– Of course I ‘lived’ it,  so obviously I ‘know’ it.—well documented in these pages of my Blog–Thank you. Drive Thru)

On The Street Where I Lived: School Days

Cred: Sam Cooke–DUH!


Video Credit: GuerrillaDivision

Eight Years Old

And  Since Y’all Have Been So Good To Us Here at TT&H, Here is a Bonus.


Saturday Sarah!

“I’m Fucking Matt Damon.” (“She’s Fucking Matt Damon”)

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