Yeah. Still Re-Shit-Posting Shite–My Dream Girl–I Was Born too Late. Or Perhaps Too Early–I Have Actually For Real Deal–Lived-This ‘Anybody Got A Match?–Scene” Believe it, Or Don’t. I Do Not Give a Fuk!

And, Oh, BTW, My Key-Board Is Beginning To Irritate Me. He said Whilst Causally Studyin’/Regarding The Un-Opened Window,,, And Ponderin’ What A Lovely Sound My Key-Board Would Make, As It hit the GROUND….

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I May Have Some ‘Splainin’ to do. (Yeah. I Am A Film Nerd/Snob–Live Over It, Or Just Go Away!)

“Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!” Perhaps the most infamous and viciously debated line on the internet, this oft-quoted and memed Ricky Ricardo line is more of a paraphrase, as he never says this exactly. He said things like, “Lucy, ‘splain,” or “‘Splain that if you can,” which evolved into this misquote.

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Oh Screw it! I Tried!

Author’s Note: I Have COMPLETELY Fuck’d Up This Post.

Sorry Fred

“Memory Lane: Yeah! I Am Still Drunk Outta My Brain. I LOVE Lauren Bacall! That’s ALL!–My ‘Dream-Lover’

“Anybody got a Match?”

Bobby Darin “Dream Lover”

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Bertie Higgins – “Key Largo”

Starring in Our Own Late, Late Show–

Just Like They did…

In “Key Largo

Lauren Bacall’s Original Name:

Betty Joan Perske

“Anybody got a match?”
Yeah, I got a match:
Bogie and Bacall.

I have ‘swerved’ once more into Lauren ‘Bacal’ (Jewish spelling of her name before Hollywood COERCED her into changing it) and Bogie whirlwind of late.


Lauren Bacall, who died Tuesday (Aug. 12) at 89, had mixed feelings about her Jewishness. In “By Myself,” her autobiography, (Which I have read, cover to cover–twice)) she wrote that she “felt totally Jewish and always would,” yet chided herself for not being more open about her Jewish identity.

Below, five facts about Lauren Bacall’s Jewish life and — in her own words — how she felt to be Jewish:She was born Betty Joan Perske.

Bacall was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family, but her Jewish-sounding name just wouldn’t cut it in the Hollywood of the 1940s and ‘50s. She changed it to a version of her mother’s family name, Weinstein-Bacal.

“It was a period when people believed that you demonstrated your Americanization by Americanizing your name, and very frequently, Americanizing your nose,” said Jonathan Sarna, professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University.

“She did not hide the fact that she had these Jewish origins, but it was expected in Hollywood at the time that you would have an American name and persona,” he added.


Fun Fact:

I once wrote a term paper for the head of the English Department at ETSU. Unbeknownst to me, he was writing an autobiography on Humphrey Bogart at the time. Had I known this, I most probably would not have written my term paper on Bogie and Becall.

But then again, I probably would have anyhow….

And I received an A++ on my paper.

My Prof loved it. Probably ’cause he was a Russian Jew.

Or Maybe not.

It was a great paper.

And he loved it.

(Of course I was drunk when I wrote it)

Took me all of 45 minutes to write.

That is how I ‘rolled’ back then.

Always waited until the very last ‘minuet…’

Bogie was forty-five when he met Bacal.

She was nineteen.

Perhaps there is hope for me yet…

Bogie an’ Baby

If there is just one thing the Navy taught me, it is this:

“No never means no”

“Nothing is ‘written’.”

This is how I got back into SEAL training when I was two years too old…





She was / is so beautiful!

“We Played All The Parts”

I Will Forever LOVE Her!

She Enriched My Life So Much!

She Was A Delight To Behold!

And to Dream Of


One last ‘fun fact.’

In her book, Lauren described how she came up with

“The Look.”

She recounted of how she was so nervous…

when she played along side Bogie, she had to keep her chin tucked into her chest to keep from shaking uncontrollably.

She also tells the story of how the director, Howard Hawks told her she would have to sing in the movie.

She was mortified.

Lauren cannot sing.

She knew this.

But she did it anyway…

It was in the script.

And she was charming.


So Charming!

So Fukkin Charming!

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It relates!

Here is a clue

And some Nickles:

To Have and Have Not

This (below) is for film buffs

Do NOT Watch if You’re Not






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I’ve Had such a wonderfully rich, fulfilling, Rewarding Life

Truly, I’ve been Blessed

In Spite of being an Atheist.

Go Figger

Perhaps There is a God After-All


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