It’s My Blog, And… I’ll Cry If I Want to… WTF is WRONG / WITH ME? Emilly? I Am So All … Alone! Why? I Am Relitively Handsome–For Fu*K’s Sake.

I Will Survive—Stay alive”

My Family are all ded

Fu*K Them!

I am all alone

Have A Happy Early Thanks-Giving With Your Family. As I spend … What’s Left of My Family They are all Ded… Only I Survive .. Why? I do Not deserve this. I have Been around the world, Far Too Many times


Melanie Martinez – Pity Party:

I’ll Cry if I Want To

living inside my heart now”

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Livin’ Inside My Heart

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Cred to Artist: Bob Seger

Ben Rector – The Thanksgiving Song:

Adam Sandler – Thanksgiving Song

Thanksgiving & Autumn Songs for Kids🌽

Thanksgiving Feast🌽Kids Turkey Songs by The Learning Station

‘Cause You’re Not Here!



Why Not?

I Loved / Love You So Much!


Thunder Child

Martian’s Arrival

Once, during a Thanksgiving, we were all seated about the solid oak table (sat 14) in the ‘Great Hall’ of Marcom Manor. There was my ‘family’ such as it was… And a few invited guests from out of town.

Madelyn and I were seated next to each other…

Drinking wine

As usual.

There was salad and shit in front of us.

No turkey yet

Gloria, my bitch stepmother, got up and announced,

“I am going to get the turkey now.”

Madelyn rolled her eyes at me.

I laughed inside.

Gloria returned with her prize.

Madelyn would not eat a bite.

In spite of filling her plate…

Bitch Gloria (Madelyn’s Mom)

Asked, “Madelyn, aren’t you going to eat?”

Madelyn said, “No. I don’t wanna dilute my buzz.”

I laughed my ass off!



My God!

How I miss her!

How much I miss her!

Especially This Time of Year!

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