I’ve Probably Seen This Movie No Less Than Ten Times Over The Years–Watching It Again. If There Exists A Book, Most Likely I Have Read It–At Least Four Or Five Times. But I Honestly Cannot Recall.

Wonderful Coming-Of-Age Story.



Kiss Me Jennifer!

“Kiss Me Once,

Or Kiss Me Twice

It’s Been a Long, Long Time.”

Yet One More My Mother

Used To Sing A-Capella

When We Lived Alone In That Moldy Old Garage Apartment In Fremont, California.

I Am Finding That The Closer I Get To Shuffling Off My MORTAL Coil,

The And More I Miss My Mom–Go Figure!

I Learned My Up-Beat Nature From My Mother;

I Learned My Pessimism From My Daddy.

Yen And Yang, I Suppose…

Credit: Kitty Kallen

Cred For THIS VID: AynLy


And Yes! I Have Always Been A Nerd. And A Hopeless Romantic–

This Is Not NEW NEWS To Anyone Who ‘Reads’ Me.

This Is Precisely Why, I Joined The Navy And Twice Showed Up For Navy SEAL Training. I Wanted To Kill That Side of My Personality. I Failed. Both Times.


Summer of 42 – Jennifer O’Neill / Music by Michel Legrand

Perhaps I’ll Credit The Stolen Vids Later.


Maybe Not

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