But…Call Now! And We’ll DOUBLE THE OFFER!



(just pay extra shipping an’ handling….)

OKay! I’ll bite.

Send me two… Of these:

I’ll pay.



 Just kidding Fredricka!

(All thinking folk know you are priceless)

Rock on!

(Fred is the ONLY Reason God Made CNN Weekends… and most likely: Oklahoma–We will not speak of Texas—yet.)

Just Saying…

And… She runs/swims/bikes in Triathlons

For Good.  

‘Renaissance Woman’ 

I love her and so should you.


I know ‘we’ are all so ‘distraught’ over Joan’s passing, but… she did show her ‘ungracious’ ass.

And ‘Fred’ remained, retained as always,

Her True Ladyhood and just good manners.

This is how we should all ‘roll.’

Fredricka : Classy Lady!

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