Yes! Yes! Yes! I Know! I Only Very Recently Posted This, But I Am Sorely Missing The Wonderful Times I Spent In The Middle East. “How old are you?” – “Three wars, and still growing.”

Such A Beautiful, Intelligent Young Lady! 

Yasmeen El Khoudary

Put your money on the table; drive it off the lot.

Five A.M., It’s me again

Yasmeen put her money on the table.

Bravo to Her! I Wish to someday be that brave:

Me: Mister Navy Wanna-Be SEAL Man!

I Am A Joke Compared To Her.

Merely a façade

Cred: for above  and below– Sara Naim Khatib & Yasmeen El Khoudary (Oh, And Some Dude Named ‘Boz)

Yes. I am stupid! And convoluted.


As this (below) is a blogspot blog, I could not re-blog. So I did the next best thing: cut and paste a bit.

CNN was interviewing Yasmeen El Khoudary, the author of the blog, “Gaza Out of the Blue.” The ‘crack(d)’ CNN news duo, talking heads, apparently got bored or pissed at her (she  was giving them some grief over their stupid questions, and rightfully so), and CNN cut her off.

And Eventually only broadcasting half the interview.

Fuck You CNN!

Only FOX could have done worse.

gaza out of the blue

Anyway, I managed to get her name and thus found her blog, which I am honored to be able to share below:


To a child in Gaza:

– “How old are you?”

– “Three wars, and still growing.”

– Sara Naim Khatib

“Gaza Out of the Blue”  may be found below:

You’ll have to scroll down a bit for the ‘English’

“Morning hallucinations from Gaza هلوسات ساعات القصف الاولى”

Five A.M., It’s me again



“It’s 5:00 AM in Gaza and I’m unable to sleep. I pick up my book and read under the window, catching the lazy sun rays, given that we haven’t had electricity for about 35 hours by now. I happen to be reading “Kafka on the Seashore.” A few pages through, I find myself reading:

“The glittering airplane we saw way up in the sky reminded us for a moment of the war, but just for a short time, and we were all in a good mood. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, no wind, and everything was quite around us- all we could hear were birds chirping in the woods. The war seemed like something in a faraway land that had nothing to do with us. We sang songs as we hiked up the hill, sometimes imitating the birds we heard. Except for the fact that the war was still going on, it was a perfect morning.”

I thought for a moment of the ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ that was due to start in about 3 hours. Would the same paragraph apply to the young children who by now are too accustomed to the chirping of planes and the terrible songs of war? Would they be able to forget all that and remember the chirping of birds and the children’s songs for the duration of the humanitarian ceasefire?”


Please follow the link above to read the rest.

See her here


Yes! WordPress is Stupid!!

Wanted this at the top!


Was not to be!

For me!

CNN is complete, and Utter Bullshit!


And ‘Hate’ is NOT Generally A Word Used In My Vernacular–

Requires Strong Emotion in Me to Drag it Out.

I Keep CNN in my Hip Pocket,

Because They Often Find a Way To Liberate My Hate.

Thank You CNN.


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  1. Johnny Whitley,

    As you may recall, if you have read my Mid East posts, I have driven through Gaza many, many times. Had a friend there: A gas station owner/operator named ‘Mohammad’ (Quite an uncommon name in the region. Not! LMAO!!)

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