May Be Worth ‘A-Re-Look’–California Is Still Breaking My Heart. “All The Leaves Are Brown And My Sky is Gray” I Am A Texan: This Is Not New News…

Yet, And However Comma,

I Will ALWAYS Love California.

Even At The Very Real, Perilous Risk Of Losing

My Native TEXAN Citizen-Ship

But I Left A Large, Substantial Piece of My Heart In San Francisco. Cred: Bennet.

Hey, That Almost Rhymed.



I have spent a great portion of my life living in California.

First with my Mom back in the Sixties and then Later (Mid 80’s) When I was a Sailor Stationed in San Diego.

I have always loved Cali (Of Course not as I LOVE Texas, But Love California I did.)

So it is with a Heavy Heart That I Post this Post.

The California That I loved so Much is Dead to me Now.

And So glad I ‘escaped’ before She Tuned to Literal Shite.

I’d like to hang onto my GOOD Memories of California–All the Times Mom and I would go to San Francisco, Santa Cruz,

And of course


And 39613 Bruning Street

Michelle Phillips is such a petite, beautiful lady.

Love You Cass Elliot et al–Wonderful Talent in This Group

What Would You Say Now Joni?

Dearest Joni, Pretty sure California has broken your Heart as it has mine. I love you Joni for this magical Song–and for ALL of your Magical Songs–You are such an important part of my life. And you will always remain, holding a very special place in my heart.

Until Death do us part. I hope I go first. I do not wish to live in a world without you, Joni Mitchell


Moving on–My fawning desire over Joni, for now, sated

(But trust me: It will resurface, and probably much sooner than later)


And this Saddens Me. Me, The Eternal Cock-Eyed Optimist, But Some things Are Perma-Broken and I see no Chance of Fixing Them Anytime soon.Please Allow Me To Re-iterate: My Old Heart is BROKEN.


Thank You if You’ve Come This Far.

And If You Have, You Have My Sympathy

And You Should Seek Council


Just a Suggestion…


Credit: Paul J. Watson

3 thoughts on “May Be Worth ‘A-Re-Look’–California Is Still Breaking My Heart. “All The Leaves Are Brown And My Sky is Gray” I Am A Texan: This Is Not New News…

  1. I love Joni
    Have Y’all figured that out yet?
    If yes; I am not surprised.
    If ‘no’, you may need to go back and try to read between the lines of my so-called life.

    Luv Y’alls
    Mean it!

  2. Dear Kerbey, I would never, ever kid about Rodents. LMAO! Thanks for your visit and thanks even more for commenting–means so much to me, My Great Partner in ‘Blogging Crime.”

  3. It’s a terrible shame, and I hate the mass exodus of liberal Californians moving to Texas and pricing us out of our neighborhoods. We don’t need another California. Are you freaking kidding me with rodent pesticide? Wow.

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