This Movie… This Book… This Author…

I Find Rather Disturbing.

Of Course I LOVE It!

Fun Fact, Justin-Case You Missed It–Unlikely, I Know:

Victor & Elisabeth Are Brother And Sister–And In-Love

(Uh, I Can Certainly Relate)

“Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 1994”

(And of COURSE I Have Read-The-Original Book



On A Somewhat Lighter Note:

Young Frankenstein (1974)


What Knockers!

2 thoughts on “This Movie… This Book… This Author…

  1. Ah. Western wear. I once entertained a lovely lass during the Cheyenne Frontier days and the after-rodeo free-for-all downtown party in and around the old Cimarron Club. Apparently she had a good time. Next morning she told me to come by a local western wear store when it opened, whereby she loaded me up with several pair of Wranglers, compliments of the house.

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