Quoth The Raven, “Nevermore”–And Thank You Edgar.

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The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down.

And Who Would’ve EVER Thought Joan Baez to be a Southern Sympathizer?

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True Southerners Will




The Greatest Texan 

Sam Houston (Actually, He Was From Tennessee, But Who Gave A Shit or a Flyin’ Fuck Back Then, When? He Saved Texas!)

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Daily Lenny: Uncle Earl (of Louisiana)

Who was a Tennessean (Virginian by birth) through no fault of his own

“The secession leaders tell us if war comes that the superior courage of our people with their experience of the use of firearms will enable us to triumph in battle over ten times our number of Northern forces. Never was a more false or absurd statement ever made by designing demagogues. I declare that Civil War is inevitable and near at hand.


The Raven

When it comes the descendants of the heroes of Lexington and Bunker Hill will be found equal in patriotism, courage, and heroic endurance with the descendents of Cowpens and Yorktown … When the tug of war comes, it will be Greek meeting Greek. Then, oh my fellow countrymen, the fearful conflict will fill our fair land with untold suffering, misfortune, and disaster.”
— Sam Houston with some prescient words on the eve of the Civil War in February, 1861


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10 thoughts on “Quoth The Raven, “Nevermore”–And Thank You Edgar.

  1. No history lessons for me. I look FORWARD, not backward. Once I dismiss something – a bad investment, idiotic girlfriend, shitetty mex restaurant, cheap bartender, whatever – I toss it in the dumpster of life and never look back.

  2. It is true that the war between the states was indeed one of necessity. However, at the same, time ALL involved suffered greatly. The North, The South, and Texas as well.


  3. My Dear Teela,
    I am not an apologist for anything, or anyone.
    I have Comanche in me (i.e. don’t fuck about 😉
    My point, if I even had one, is thus:
    Sam Houston was wise.
    Others were not.
    Sam married a Cherokee.
    Had Kids.

    Texas would have fared much better if Texans (who were mostly at that time, Old South) if they had stayed the fuck out of the Civil War,–was not our business–or if you will, “The War Between The States.”
    I do know my history.
    My Blog is TEXAS.

    Fuck the Confederacy. They ruined our country. And…They had to go.


  4. The carnage perpetrated in that war is a sad fact but a fact nonetheless.
    After Gen. Sherman’s Union Army devastated Atlanta, he began his march through the South in early January 1865. By March 7, his troops had reached North Carolina and begun their reign of terror by stealing, burning the railroads, destroying property and doing untold acts to the women in my county. The Native Americans of (whose blood runs through my veins as well) directed them through the swamp lands giving them the success they brutally claimed.
    Both sides suffered untold loss.
    Teela aka Hiawassee

  5. They (we Texans) should have listened to Sam. Texas had no business in that horrible war. Hell! we were too busy killing and being killed by Comanches (whose blood runs in my veins–guess that is why I love the Fire-Water)
    Never lose your sense of humor: That is my motto.
    I am somewhat part Comanche–fer real.
    Lance, aka Running Wolf with Horns and Burrs Under Saddle

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