Lima Ohio? (Or Just A Mole With a Hair In It?)


I am an arrogant Texan, but I love Lenny Bruce. A man just about as far from removed from Texan as one could ever be. (Except maybe George Bush the Elder)

Lenny was no friend to Texas or Texans

Lyndon Johnson

The Scar He Was So Proud Of

LBJ: (Or “Southern Speech, Or At Least What Passes for ‘Speech’)

Thanks Lenny


The Real Scar

The Real Scar


Please listen (and comment)

(If you never listen to any other Lenny Bruce, Please listen to this one)

Lima, Ohio:

Bless Y’all Lenny…

The Bust

10 thoughts on “Lima Ohio? (Or Just A Mole With a Hair In It?)

  1. Don’t mind at all. In fact, I appreciate it very much. When I first launched my blog, I had a lot of writings that I reworked and threw up all at once. Since it took me some weeks to get some folks visiting, a lot of those old posts went unread. Of course most of them were very long posts, so I understood. When I read blogs, I then to look for older posts after I have read the current ones.
    Thanks again for listening and reading.

  2. Hey Teela,
    Thanks for listening. Whenever I feel down I listen to Lenny. Yeah, he did a lot of drugs later in life, but he got arrested for saying ‘cocksucker’ on stage. Imagine today’s comics not being able to cuss like that. Amazing. The Lima, Ohio bit is one of my favorites, but the man left behind a huge body of work. Unfortunately, not much on video. I have listened to every audio from him available. Call me fanatic. It suits me.

  3. I know you mentioned to me about the Performance Film, but unfortunately it’s the only thing of him I could snap up. Carnegie Hall would be nice. People like Lenny Bruce are Saints. They hold a mirror up to society and show just how crazy some things are which the mainstream wouldn’t think twice about. I still have some coming around to do, but already his humor is starting to grow on me. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Matt, did ya listen to the Lima Ohio bit? It is hysterical.
    You will enjoy ‘The Performance Film’ but keep in mind this was just before Lenny died, and not one of his best performances. He spends the first half of it talking about his court battles (which I found funny–but some might not). The second half he does some of his traditional bits.
    The wonderful thing about this film (and I guess the sad thing too) is that this is the only recording we have of Lenny on video, except for some very early stuff on the Steve Allen Show and some others.
    Thank you for dropping in and listening and commenting. I am a bit of a crusader when it comes to Lenny (and LBJ for that matter); some might grow weary.

    Cheers and have a magnificent day!

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