Lisa and I struggled along after our over-hasty Marriage.

I kept working for Dick Latson @ Latson’s Printing and Office Supply.

Lisa kept working for Texas A&M-Commerce.

After about one year Kitty died. (Recall he was the eldest–14 and change)

So not a huge surprise

But Still!

Broke both of our hearts.

I buried him in the back yard.
Standing over his grave, We Wept.

By now, we both knew our ‘marriage farce’ was rapidly approaching ‘Swan Song’ status.

A month later we sustained a divorce.

She caught a slow boat to Florida for a new job at the University of St. Petersburg (Her PhD ‘Alma Doesn’t Matter’) and a promise of tenure.

From them.

She just had to go.

I concurred.

I cannot finish this just yet.
It gets ‘worse-r’

And sadder

Maybe tomorrow

It will be continued…


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