“I’m in a ‘transitional period.’”

Here’s the situation:

“I’m in a ‘transitional’ period.”

“Normally, I’d just fuck you up and move on.”

(Yeah, I mangled the quote. So fuck’n what. I even edit Tarantino. That is just how pompous and arrogant I am.)

And So This is (Not) Christmas

And so this is Christmas?

Thanksgiving got fucked in the ass.

Now Christmas is cancelled.

Fuck You 2020!

Video Credit: Stavros Sklavos

Video Credit: sherrylynn70 aka Sentimental Journey Productions

Okay, just to prove I am not a complete asshole,

I drop in some humor:

Video Credit: Bocu Music Group


Return To Sender

(Video credit: ticktock70)

I ordered a new mind from Amazon dot com. (cost me some big bucks) But I think they delivered it to the wrong address.

Anybody seen it?

(It will be a very small package, marked ‘Fragile’ and Easily overlooked amongst all the bills and shit)

Will be the package with the addressee “Asshole” on it.

 Please return it to me. I really need it.


(Update: Made the beer/wine/Copenhagen Run.

Mission Accomplished!

No apparent casualties — except for my credit card balance.

In Need of a Soft Woman

Linda is so beautiful. A treasure to be treasured.

I feel really sick. I am not well. I wish now more than ever that I had a Good Woman to lay down beside me, wrap her arms around me, comfort me and hold me tight as I fall asleep. That is all I want at this moment: A kind, soft of nature, loving, caring gentle woman. (Linda would be my first choice, but Carly would suffice as well–if she be around and in town and not busy.) Or even my second wife: She was a good woman and she loved me. She was ‘soft’ and she truly loved me. Much more than I loved myself.

Lovely Muse-Chapter: I couldn’t care less. Guess how many fucks I give. Take your time. I got nothing BUT time.

Wake up call:

Love Ladonia:

“I like your twist, just stop tagging everything.”

I could not disagree. Nor agree more.

Thank you “Love Ladonia”

(I was fucking born there, by the fucking way. What claim to fame do you have? How dare you to have the brass balls and the unmitigated gall and temerity to


For helping me get over myself and come (bring?) me on back down to Earth Son.

From now until the END OF TIME I will NOT ‘Tag’ anyone. FOREVERMORE.

(Please and Thank You and You’re Fucking welcome.)

So sorry If I bothered you and for being an asshole..

I just try to brighten someone’s life.

If only for a brief moment in time.

That is my ‘goal.’ (“Who put these Ideas in your stupid head? Fuck were you not thinking?’ asks my Lovely Muse)

If you wanna ‘read’ me, from now on, search me out. Because I am done with doing the ‘Heavy Lifting.”

(At least I am gracious enough and Man Enuff to Admit when I am WRONG)

As opposed to some Rude ASSHOLES I have had the pleasure to ‘experience’ while just walking around trying to be a good man, during my short existence on this Fucking Planet Earth.

“Put your money on the table and drive it off the fucking lot… smartly.”

(Oh, and by the way, did I mention today, “WordPress you are STUPID?”)

And a fucking douche bag of a platform?

And you make my life more difficult than it already is.

And that is a challenging task, but some fucking how, you manage to pull it off.

Shit That Makes Me Happy (OH, and Dick Latson–Those Memories Make Me Happy Too)

Ode to Dick Latson (who I have unfriended on FB, simply because he never ‘interacted’ with any of my posts. Look up my “Facebook Philosophy” series at texantales.com if you give a shit)

(I worked for him for over ten years–gave him and his business the ‘best years of my life.’ For not much money. No Regrets.)


This does NEVER mean I do not love this man.

Dick Latson of “Latson’s Printing and Office Supply” fame.

Downtown Commerce, America

He saved my life back in 2001 or somewhere around there, date-wise. I honestly cannot recall the year. For our purposes the year don’t matter.

What DOES MATTER, is that he gathered me up while I was in a drunken, probably suicidal stupor and drove me to Greenville and deposited me at Glen Oaks Lunatic Hospital so I could get the ‘help’ I needed.

And dry out.

He did this for ME!

Because he is a great man.

And he gave a shit.

I will never forget his kindness.

And his giving a shit.

For me.

“For the Lance who is still alive:

I salute you!

Dick Latson.”

Probably, No! Undoubtedly! The best Boss (and Friend) I have ever had.


Thank You

Drive Through

P.S. Little known fact about Dick Latson: Back when he was a senior in HS, he was the fastest ‘white boy’ in Texas. Went to State running the 440 in about 12 seconds (or something approaching that–he never bragged about it, but he casually mentioned it to me one day–don’t even remember how or why the subject came up. Most likely I had been bragging about my Navy SEALs efforts, or something…and I needed to come back down to Earth and get over myself.

By way of some fucking addendum dum dum dung, er… dumb;

I very recently emailed Lanie Gardner asking permission to share her work. (She has not responded—yet—probably won’t But if she does and tells me to ‘cease and desist’ I will. But FB can kiss my ass in the meantime.)The email from me was prompted by a stupid pop-up I got from Fake-Book, saying they had muted one of Lanie’s videos I had attached to one of my posts. ‘Copyright Violation’ (I will drop the screen capture in the Comments Section)My original post was detailing how I regretted never having had a daughter and I went into some detail that if I had had one, she would be as this girl: Ever happy, ever upbeat, always smiling.But no such person exists in real life. (I am cognizant of this)We are all complex.And we all suffer the entire range of Emotions.And this is a GOOD thing.Because it is what makes us Human.And separates us from the gnats of the World.

You may have to ‘rewind’ this one because YouTube is severely borked.