“Please Stay Safe” (You’re Shitting me, Right?)

Vid Street Cred: Cody Ko

“Please Stay Safe!”
Who the fuck says that?
While talking to a Reporter in Middle of the Middle East!
“Please stay safe!”
Fuck you!
Looking at you CNN
I have lived in the Middle East!
There is no ‘Safe.’

Not Here

Not there!

Then nowhere

n’est-ce pas?


Good Luck!


I must

I simply must

Drop in some Joni

She calms and tamps down my passions

Medgar Evers

Poignant and Timely:

Vid Share Credit: Swingin’ Pig


All of the Prose below is stolen.

Just my feeble attempt to pay in my humble way… to try to pay proper tribute to the memory of a Great, Brave American Veteran…


“Medgar Wiley Evers (July 2, 1925 – June 12, 1963) was an American civil rights activist in Mississippi, the state’s field secretary for the NAACP, and a World War II veteran who had served in the United States Army. He worked to overturn segregation at the University of Mississippi, end the segregation of public facilities, and expand opportunities for African Americans, which included the enforcement of voting rights.”

“Evers was assassinated in 1963 by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the White Citizens’ Council in Jackson, Mississippi. This group was formed in 1954 in Mississippi to resist the integration of schools and civil rights activism. As a veteran, Evers was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. His murder and the resulting trials inspired civil rights protests; his life and these events inspired numerous works of art, music, and film. All-white juries failed to reach verdicts in the first two trials of Beckwith in the 1960s. He was convicted in 1994 in a new state trial based on new evidence.”

Text Credit: Wikipedia


Cheers Y’all

Appreciate what a Wonderful, Rich, Sometimes Sad, Heritage We Share.

As Americans.

Right vs. Left—Left vs. Right—Spy vs. Spy: Who Am I?

“I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well.”

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods

(Ed. Note: This Post has kinda Gone off the Rails & morph’d into an Annie Lennox bit)

Sorry. Not Sorry.

Scroll Down

In most things Politic, I list heavily to Starboard.
But at other times I list slightly to Port.

My Ship Never straddles

The ‘Safe’ Middle.

I am ‘Complicated.’ As are all ‘Thinking People.’

I am delirious with pain right now.

Ignore me.
Wish I had some of the ‘good’ drugs…

Ed. Note: I know I have promised BOTH of My Faithful Readers to write some longer, better, substantial Shit,
This Screwed-up neck of mine, along with the accompanying pain makes it almost unbearable to bend over this
‘IBM Selectric’ Typewriter

C’est Moi!

for more than a few minutes at a time.

Now, returning to the subject meat of this matter,

(“More Matter, Less Art.”–Thank you Gertrude)

Was there a ‘subject’ ??
Oh Yeah.
Right vs. Left
Spy vs. Spy
Yin vs. Yang
Peas vs. Carrots


My Adventure in trying to get published:



I forgot I had left a glass of wine in the ‘head’ (Navy parlance for ‘Bathroom’); now I have a platoon of Drunk Gnats

…to add to my list of shit I must deal with.

Cheers Y’all!

I just drop this in because this is MY Blog
And I like it.

(The Title…and the lyrics, are Slightly Germane and suit my narrative just fine)

And I find Annie extremely attractive

With or without makeup.

(Especially without her makeup!)

She’s a fucking Barbie Doll

Create your own fantasy; leave me to mine.

“This boat is sinking. Some things are better left unsaid…”

“You don’t know what I fear.”

Here’s a hint:

I fear me.

“I used to be Lunatic”

I got better…


No one will get this far, but I deposit it anyway:

Shared Street Cred Vid: ggarlick46


Bonus Super-Duper:

Thanks to Kevin Bacon & kingofkungfu2002 for the share

Texas (no longer) Monthly

Why are Corporations so Fucking Stupid?

I wanted to submit an article for publish consideration.

‘To Texas Monthly.’

“Oh! Hell no!

Slow down Cowboy!

First we need your next of kin.

The name of your first born.

Your Social #

Your most recent wife’s bra size.

And about three thousand dollars.

You good with this?

I thought about it for a minute, and then said,

“Sure; Seems reasonable.”

‘OK. Good. Now you need to create an account.’

‘Sure. I can do that.’

“Please enter your password.”

Don’t have one yet.

Precisely why I called you.”

“Please re-enter your password.”“

Don’t have one yet. This is Me! Trying to create a new account!”“

Password FAIL! “

You are now locked out of this web-site for the-rest-of-your natural life!

Have a nice Day.

Me: To no one:

“Go get Fucked! I guess I will have to try …

Some other rag mag…


Fucking Magazines!

Joan & Bobby:

Street Vid Cred: Dave Bing

Here’s a clue, Dave:

You did not need to add the fukking text.

It distracts

And… Almost… ruins the vid.

(Never mind)

We can hear the lyrics.


Thank you for posting this.

I was so happy to steal it.


Now you’re telling me
You’re not nostalgic
Then give me another word for it
You who are so good with words
And at keeping things vague
Because I need some of that vagueness now
It’s all come back too clearly
Yes I loved you dearly
And if you’re offering me diamonds and rust
I’ve already paid


I’ll get back to this



“This family hasn’t drawn a sober breath since The God-Damn Potato Famine!”

There is SO MUCH going on in this scene…

I am way too stupid to even begin…

To verbalize It.



I love Joan Baez.

Figure that one out yet?


If you do not know who the hell ‘Joe Hill’ was,

I am here to help you out:

Joe Hill (October 7, 1879 – November 19, 1915), born Joel Emmanuel Hägglund and also known as Joseph Hillström,[1] was a Swedish-Americanlabor activist, songwriter, and member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, familiarly called the “Wobblies”).[2] A native Swedish speaker, he learned English during the early 1900s, while working various jobs from New York to San Francisco.[3] Hill, an immigrant worker frequently facing unemployment and underemployment, became a popular songwriter and cartoonist for the union. His most famous songs include “The Preacher and the Slave” (in which he coined the phrase “pie in the sky“),[4] “The Tramp“, “There Is Power in a Union“, “The Rebel Girl“, and “Casey Jones—the Union Scab“, which express the harsh and combative life of itinerant workers, and call for workers to organize their efforts to improve working conditions.[5]