“Linda & Lance Go To Mars” (And They Lived Happily Ever After)

Yet one more stupid FaceBork Post:

“I gotta repost this post and allow me to enlighten and explain to you why:

At least thirty-three percent of the songs are songs that JOhnny Whitley reminded me of or turned onto for the very first time.

Thank you Johnny:  My good, great newly re-discovered friend from “The Old HG Daze”.

Thank you Johnny. You have brought joy back into my life.

Joy was missing in action.

Now she has returned.

“Welcome back Joy. I have missed you.”

(Muse sitting on the ‘Nasty Couch’ looks up and glares at me)

I am sincere in this statement .

You have not  an idea.

But actually, I’d wager you do.

“Linda Went to Mars.”

And Lance was on that same spaceship….

We were shit-mates

Me and Linda.

And we ENJOYED  the ride.

We did not so much enjoy our “arrival”

You see…

Life is all about the “journey”

Never about the final destination arrival.

Very much so


Oh shit!

I made an esoteric reference

Here is the link:

Shit that makes me happy

Added value:

Dandy Don

I used to love watching the Cowboys play football.

Pro Football today is not worth a cup of warm spit.

This is my opinion and I am not shy about expressing it.

Come back and hit this link after you finish reading this ‘marvelous’ post.

Somewhere below is a wonderful tribute to the “Original Dallas Cowboy.”

Watch it if you were ever a fan.

Fun fact: My uncle, Bud ‘Bubba’ Pylant  (Winnsboro) once or twice or maybe thrice faced Don –Dandy Don– Meredith (Mount Vernon) on the gridiron.

I love Texas football history

(I have been scolded and threatened by NFL Films for stealing their video–guess how many fucks I give.

Lookie here!

This is me, shaking in my cowboy boots. Hahahhaa)

Since You-Are-Fucked-Too-Boob-Tube has deemed it necessary to delete my orig video tribute to Don Meredith, I just went and stole a different one. Not the one I prefer, but it works. (Thanks to J.T. Hill)

Rest In Peace Don, you wonderful great Texan who entertained me and added value to my life for so many, many years.

Trying again

Fuck you! YouTube

And Fuck you too NFL.

And in case you haven’t noticed, no one is watching your garbage prima-donnas these days.


Kinda related below

(Y’all just knew I could not post a post about Texas without my belov’d Dixie Chicks)

More IN the Continuing Saga of My Abusive Muse

(Video Share Credit: Boston 4 Evaa)

Muse returns from her brief sojourn to Waco to see another ‘client.’

(Apparently She was prepared to try witchcraft on me now–she had ‘tried’ reason–logic–chastisement–nothing seemed to be working. So now, Witchcraft. Good Luck with that, Muse.)

“What have you been doing?” She enquires. “Working On Rhonda-Whatever-The-Fuck Chapter it is supposed to be?”


“Yeah, I can see that. And Shitposting On Facebook. Saw that too.”

“I just been ‘pondering’, working up to it.”

“Lance, you are useless. And you are late with my fee. Pay the fuck up.”

“You take expired/maxx’d out credit cards?”

“Go fuck yourself” she said. “Cash only.. I am gonna cast a spell on you. Stand still.”

More Muse found Here

And here

And Here

I am not “Obelisk” to YOU

Just a stolen Facebork Post Of Mine I thought I’d SHARE:

“Since obelisks/ monoliths seem to be popping up all over the place, I thought I’d post this for hysterical reference:

(See comment section for a link to JUST ONE Article if you have not been keeping up with Current Events–LMAO!)

This Breaking News Brought to you by LNN: Lance News Network.

You’re welcome. Don’t mention it. My pleasure. (And my job)”

And Never Forget The Egyptians; They “Invented” The Obelisk Thang. They must have been ahead, (or behind) their time. I never understood how that worked.

That Whole ‘Time Thing.’

I should go back and try to re-read that Stephen Hawking book (Image pasted below)

Attempted Sleep (Failed) Or… To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.

“The words of the prophets
Are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls
And whispered in the sounds of silence.”

Need sleep.

Turned off the TV.

Turned off the lights.

Turned off my computer monitor.

Turned off the HVAC

Turned off my mind.



Could not sleep.

Too quiet.

Not near dark enough.

Trying to fall asleep listening to this.

Before it runs out.

Before I laid down for the second time, I asked MS Muse:

“Hey! You wanna lie down with me? Sleep with me? Hold me? Comfort me?”

She said, and I quote, “Go fuck yourself.”

“Guess that would be a ‘no’ then.”

But I cannot sleep:

“Hello Darkness MY Old Friend…”

My mind torments me.



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