OK. Very Last Re-Run, Then I’m Done. Believe me? Good. I Also Have A Bridge For-Sale, (Not Cheap, But Affordable)

“Glen Miller Kicked Some Serious Ass! Kinda-Sorta Updated–For Our Current ‘Happy Times’–Please Enjoy Please”

I Love Our Rich American Culture!
I love My Having Been Blessed

To Have Been Born An American.
And Yes!
I Am A Veteran!

Erstwhile Vegetarian

(… Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone; they will take away my Texan Citizenship)

(And A Patriot!)

And I love My Country!

Wanna Test The Veracity of My Statement?

Well, Stand By For Heavy Rolls!

As The Shit Hits Your Fan!

I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo

Singer Cred: Tex Beneke.

Just Gotta Love A Guy Whose First Name is “TEX”

Cred for Lady Vocalist: Marion Hutton.

And Mad Props to all Them Other ‘Et-Als” Also Appearing.

Cred for Vid Share: afftechmei


Tuxedo Junction

Listen to the MC:

He says, and I quote:

“Here’s Glen Miller; he’s back with his horn and ready to beat it off.”

I ’bout fell out my chair when I heard that!


Chattanooga Choo Choo

Perhaps Y’all May Come To Understand my



Connection to this.

Sam Houston:

First President of

“The Republic of Texas

Former Guv of Tennessee, Drunkard. Great, Brave Man.

Soldier of the First Order

Military Genius

He Retains a Special Place In My Heart.

I Admire Him.

He married a Cherokee

“After running away from his family as a teenager, Houston lived for nearly three years with the Cherokee tribe in eastern Tennessee. …

There, the tribe formally adopted him, and he married a Cherokee woman, Tiana Rogers, in a tribal ceremony.”




Fuckin’ Right???



Added Value Bonus/Onus/… Own us?


Bonus Below

I love these broads!

Cliché? Yeah,

But “The Greatest Generation” of our Nation.

Isn’t it amazin’ how we used to be a happy nation, even in the middle of a fucking World War? Somewhere we lost our lust of life and sense of humor. Now all we seem to wanna do is be assholes to one another….

Whoever don’t agree with our politics. Makes me fucking sad. Someone send me a time machine. I want live somewhere else, some other decade.


And just for fun:



More Bonus/’Added-Value’ Bull-Shite

You’re Welcome

May Be Worth ‘A-Re-Look’–California Is Still Breaking My Heart. “All The Leaves Are Brown And My Sky is Gray” I Am A Texan: This Is Not New News…

Yet, And However Comma,

I Will ALWAYS Love California.

Even At The Very Real, Perilous Risk Of Losing

My Native TEXAN Citizen-Ship

But I Left A Large, Substantial Piece of My Heart In San Francisco. Cred: Bennet.

Hey, That Almost Rhymed.



I have spent a great portion of my life living in California.

First with my Mom back in the Sixties and then Later (Mid 80’s) When I was a Sailor Stationed in San Diego.

I have always loved Cali (Of Course not as I LOVE Texas, But Love California I did.)

So it is with a Heavy Heart That I Post this Post.

The California That I loved so Much is Dead to me Now.

And So glad I ‘escaped’ before She Tuned to Literal Shite.

I’d like to hang onto my GOOD Memories of California–All the Times Mom and I would go to San Francisco, Santa Cruz,

And of course


And 39613 Bruning Street

Michelle Phillips is such a petite, beautiful lady.

Love You Cass Elliot et al–Wonderful Talent in This Group

What Would You Say Now Joni?

Dearest Joni, Pretty sure California has broken your Heart as it has mine. I love you Joni for this magical Song–and for ALL of your Magical Songs–You are such an important part of my life. And you will always remain, holding a very special place in my heart.

Until Death do us part. I hope I go first. I do not wish to live in a world without you, Joni Mitchell


Moving on–My fawning desire over Joni, for now, sated

(But trust me: It will resurface, and probably much sooner than later)


And this Saddens Me. Me, The Eternal Cock-Eyed Optimist, But Some things Are Perma-Broken and I see no Chance of Fixing Them Anytime soon.Please Allow Me To Re-iterate: My Old Heart is BROKEN.


Thank You if You’ve Come This Far.

And If You Have, You Have My Sympathy

And You Should Seek Council


Just a Suggestion…


Credit: Paul J. Watson

“Lady Luck” or “Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered” You Choose. (WIP) And Of Course, This Really Ain’t Fiction. I Just Changed Some Names–To Protect… N/M

My Gawd! But He Was Great!

Great Frank!

Travis was three-quarter drunk.

This was not unusual.

For Travis.

He had staggered from the El Cortez to the Union Plaza,

Thinking he might ‘get well’ at the blackjack tables

(His ‘stake’ had dwindled somewhat)

First stop:

Le Bar.

History dictated he would not get far.

However, Travis was feeling blessed and lucky this night.

We would see.

He spied a primo blackjack table, with only three ‘patrons’ seated there.

Perfect for an underachiever count-down artist, which is what he was.

But of course he saw himself as so much more.

He took his drink and his still smoldering Marlboro and his over-blown cockiness over to the table.

Sat down and said to the pretty young Ornamental dealer,

“Red and green”

As he threw out his last three hundred bucks….

She just smiled in that smile that Travis had seen so many times from the bar girls in Olongapo.

“Charming and Endearing” does not even come close as description,

What little did he know….

As a long tall blond broad took a seat next to him.

How his world was about to change.



And some days.

To be continued…

I think I’ve seen this movie before… I didn’t like it”

Narrator said.

This is ‘obviously’ my first foray into ‘fiction’

For as my ‘faitfful’ readers know, I do not attempt fiction.

No good at it.


Any resemblamce to Lance, the author, or his life experiences…. are purely coincendental and just a glitz in this mate-trix.

And of course

This story will be mostly about women

Never escaping that.

Just is impossible.


Nor fiction


All Ways About Women


Free Bonus:

The Idiot And The Odyssey. Oh My Fukken Gawd! Lost At Sea! But I Got A One-Way Ticket For My “Destination” ‘Destination?’–I Suppose San Dog Must Suffice (In-A-Pinch Of Vice)

What An Idiot And An Odyssey!

I Shall Re-Count This,

Just As Soon as I Sober-up and Re-Discover Sobriety

Kris K: Native TEXAN!

The ‘Perfect’ Sailor Song!

I LOVE This Movie! The Reasons Should Be Blatantly Obvious! And To Quote Forrest: “That’s All I’m Gonna Say About That.”

I Have Started (And Re-Started) This Movie Five Times, But I Cannot Get Thru It…

Why? You May Rightfully Ask.

Because I Have The Attention Span Of A Drunken Gnat–

Sad, But True.


Seriously (Not Seriously) Related:

Read More About It Below

(If’n Ya Wanna, That Is)


Useless Information From Your Humble Author/Thief:

The Philadelphia Experiment is a 1984 American science fiction film. It is directed by Stewart Raffill and stars Michael ParéBobby Di CiccoKene Holliday and Nancy Allen and based on the urban legend of the Philadelphia Experiment. In 1943, United States Navy sailors David Herdeg (Paré) and Jim Parker (Di Cicco) are thrown forward in time to the year 1984 when a scientific experiment being performed aboard the USS Eldridge suffers a catastrophe. The film follows the two men as they attempt to survive the future and race against time to put an end to the experiment that now threatens the fate of the entire world.

Michelle, My Belle (I Wished!)

“Michelle, ma belle.  These are words that go together well. My Michelle”:

This is a ‘teaser’ for something I am currently working.

(‘Tis an expanding part of my “Great Mistakes Naval Training Center” Nascent Series)


The Marine”?

The Little Blonde One?

Of Course you do!

This will be way better.

Believe me?


I have this bridge for sale; kindly follow me into the ‘Showroom.’

We’ll talk ‘Price’ later…

For now, just gape, gasp, and be awestruck.

And Remember Kids: I don’t do fiction.

All my ‘stories’ are bona-fide.

Continued Here:

Video Credit: Starr’s Music


Anyone ever notice that Paul McCartney can’t speak French for Shit?

“Me Shell… My Bell”

Really Paul?

Please stick to English Paul.

And this from a Texan who destroys French with a Texan accent.

“Mercy Bow Chops Y’all!”

(OK. Not that bad, but almost)

I have been perma-banished from Paris… France.

They still welcome me in Paris, Texas.

Thank God!