I am also a Bigot, Homophobe, Nazi, Commie, Narcissist, Misogynist, Cunt, Wop, Jew, Mick, Spick, Nigger, Faggot, Kike, Redneck, Greaser, and on and on.

As are all of US

As are all of US

As are all of US

But I am none of those in measure.

The matter is in measurable degrees.

I am none of the above in a measurable fashion

And therein lies the difference.

In The Texan, I Caint Make This Shit Up… Beep Beep Beep, Updated for 2017

Watch the vid.


Nuff said

We love You Molly!

“If you could see me now….”

We need you now more than ever Molly.

You Texan Bitch!

“There’ a lot to like there”

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