“What did you do in The War, Daddy?”

It’s Fittin’ Or it isn’t. ‘Fittin’’ In my mind, I think I have written some incredibly good shit for this here blog, (approaching my one-year anniversary) but then again, who can account for taste? Certainly not me. Anyway… I had some interesting emails of late: Mostly of the “Jeeze! Yer not dead… I hope.” Strain. … Continue reading


Now, let us ‘deconstruct’ “Y’all” Why not? In the English Oxford Dictionary, ‘you’ “Used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing” See? Plural. Simple. Yeah, not so fast. Southerners having none of that. See? English English breaks down right there. We (us southerners) need more. Southerners need ‘Y’all’ Now ever’one … Continue reading

But…Call Now! And We’ll DOUBLE THE OFFER!

(just pay extra shipping an’ handling….) OKay! I’ll bite. Send me tw2… Of these: I’ll pay.          Just kidding Fredricka! (All thinking folk know you are priceless) Rock on! (Fred is the ONLY Reason God Made CNN Weekends… and most likely: Oklahoma–We will not speak of Texas—yet.) Just Saying… And… She runs/swims/bikes in Triathlons … Continue reading

Sea (Somewhat of a Stream of Almost Consciousness)

The scariest thing to me… Was at sea. In the Indian Ocean, late one night (That “IO” That Ho!) Late at Night. And the ship was tight. And the waves were big. Real big. IO, She was angry. And I was scared. (No! HE Was scared). I was never scared! I was drinking coffee… And … Continue reading

Ode’ to Facebook…

Originally posted on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics:
My Beautiful Sister, Ann Marie Vancas, wrote this and posted it on Facebook. So naturally I had no qualms about stealing it. (I did ask her permission however)  Seeing and reading into pieces of people’s lives….the musicians..the actors…artists…housewives…doctors…famous and the not so famous… The memes…the themes…the lives and the…

I Am Gonna Keep Banging On About This Until Someone (anyone) Wakes Up

Below please find today’s bit: (May be offensive to people of faith) (If you are religious, you may have swerved into the wrong page.) Even that statement is wrong. It presupposes that religious folk do not have a sense of humor, or that they are intolerant of not-religious folk. I know of only one religion … Continue reading


“Lance ‘Dun’ Went Three Bubbles Off Plumb!” Now, “Run Tell That!” I do love anyone and ever’one who darkens my doorstep. Honestly. Now… sleep is an option I long to explore. Catch Y’all on the Flip-Flop. Pretty much have said all my piece for a spell. Cheers, Lanc’d “colder than a ticket taker’s smile at … Continue reading

They Say It’s Your Birthday (and please read/watch this one) It may be my swan song.

Tomorrow I embrace my Fifty-Seventh Year. So what? I find me asking me of late: “So… Lance, what have you done?” Vid Credit: johnlennon And ‘somewhat’ related: And…Talia Shire Will never, ever look so good.  Again. (That Beret! That Beret! Cabaret!)  And of course, not without saying… Joel Grey. And Liza… And Michael York. And… … Continue reading


This is the Kroger’s I visit every day. I have found nothing but nice (Yes, BLACK) people there, helping me. This happened Sunday. I cannot even imagine. Not at MY Kroger’s.  Never. http://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2014/09/08/three-injured-least-one-arrest-memphis-kroger-beating/15277461/ I am saddened. Spike Lee is a hero of mine: He gives good movie and ya just gotta love Samuel L. Jackson… … Continue reading


Are these two men the “stupidest” One and a Half-Men in America? In The World? In The Solar System? In The Galaxy? IN THE UNIVERSE? I say… YEAH. Fuck Yeah! (To paraphrase Phil, “Git dem genes outta da pool!”) What say y’all? (Disagree. I love it when y’all disagree) But to me, Their brains and … Continue reading

Heart Attack ACK ACK ACK! (You oughta know by now…)

Heart Attack ACK ACK ACK! (You oughta know by now…)

(“It seems such a waste of time.”) I really *like* this post. (guess I have no choice) Some of Y’all may have seen this one coming.  Some  also may have discerned one salient fact  point of my perception of myself: ‘I think I am bulletproof.’ *insert BUD/s here* Hell! I have always lived my life … Continue reading

I Am Tim

For some of y’all regular (read: ‘Old-Timers’-visitors’ to my blog), you may recognize this link to SS. For you new amongst us, maybe you should just ‘stay calm and carry on.’ Either way, I appreciate your comments and your visits, and no! I am not Tim. Well, at least not today. Maybe tomorrow. ‘Stray’ Tuned…. … Continue reading

And Lenny (and Christopher) Lives (again) Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid (sic)

Below please find today’s bit: (May be offensive to people of faith) (If you are religious, you may have swerved into the wrong page.) Even that statement is wrong. It presupposes that religious folk do not have a sense of humor, or that they are intolerant of not-religious folk. I know of only one religion … Continue reading

Hey! I’m Writing Here! (Once Again)

Now, C’mon Y’all. Vid Credit: Guyism I am just having fun, exploring (exploiting?) some of my inane, insane, In-Same, recent posts. And of course, I love to ‘share my wares.’ Because I am just that vain (don’t ask me why or how I justify that statement.) So there! If I post something you have already ready … Continue reading

I am gonna repost this for two reasons:

One: because I missed Thursday (Probably because I was in a coma) Two: because I can. And here is the bonus: Because I miss Jimmy ‘Peanut’ Piland. ***** “I dreamt a dream tonight.” “And so did I.” “Well, what was yours?” “That dreamer’s often lie.” “…In bed asleep while they do dream things true!” “Oh! … Continue reading

And I Thought…

Once upon a time… I thought That These would be Good “remember when, ‘Feel Good’”  posts/songs. “The Good Ole Days… eh?” Now, I know… What the fuck was I thinking? Video Credit: Carly Simon Video Credit: adamtrng Video Credit: MegaSanjul I am very sorry, but I do not know, nor can I find where I got this video. Cheers … Continue reading

A Belated Throw-Back Thurs: “Letter From a South Park Jail” (and some other bullshit)

(And with apology to MLK for appropriating a great title) His “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” is some of the best contemporary writing ever… Google it. Went trolling for JOBs in Afghanistan today: Found a few, so I thought I’d repost this to rein in my reins… Not! Truth is, I cannot work in the United … Continue reading

Running in Soft Sand: Part Three

Ed. Note: 29 Aug: It has been brought to my attention (by my anti-virus software, of which I do not squander money on—that one of these links is, well, poluted. So, please don’t follow  any links (the other shit is safe). I apologize for giving you Ebola (if I did) Breaking NEWS! 2017  All the … Continue reading

Uniquely Random Memories from the Middle East Continued

“We made love in that birdhouse after sundown. And with the door open. And why not? We were young. (And we had all that ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ bullshit to boot)” Thus ended my last ‘serious’ transmission regarding my recently orphaned series, bits of which may be found here  here  here  here… WordPress is not Facebook and I … Continue reading

Final Flair

This has been said before. You do not come to my site for revelation. You come here (I hope) looking for Texas-in-all-the-wrong-places. Never mind that one. I have an affinity for Willie, (as all Texans do) Therefore, since we all have our ‘Sound-Tracks’, here is one from mine: I hope you like it. Cheers, Lance … Continue reading


I gave. he did not even ask I gave. He smiled. I walked away. and I smiled. Such is life/love In Memphis and twenty bucks the less… As I walked away…he said “God Bless You!” I really didn’t wanna tell him, that I was am/ an atheist…  

One More Time: There are People In Gaza!

…And I find it ‘timely.’ *** “Dear (fill in the name) I am so sorry we are apart, but you see, I am serving… something, something greater, something important, something, some power, Uh, My ego. See you soon. Love, Lance” Away from my Homeland. Yes. I have. My Choice. Sometimes in Service of my Country. … Continue reading

Like This. Just do it.

I AM gonna write on this… But just now, I am working some other thing. Oh, and by the way, This movie is top shelf. Comment below, (or not) on how this film is great, or not great. I mean, how can you go wrong with Elton John? “I have to go home….” “You are … Continue reading


There is a woman (There always is) There is a woman. Her name is… (Well, she knows who she is) Y’all don’t need to know. She (this woman, who shall remain nameless), introduced me to some joys of Blogging. She (This un-named woman) is most definitely the strongest woman I know. I admire her. So… … Continue reading