I’m On The Leeward Shore Of My Big Bottle Of Wine. And There Will Be No More When There Is No More, Becuz I Am Outta Money As Well. Oh Well. Woe Is Me!

In Other Words, As An Alcoholic, I Am About To Be In

The Midst of

A ‘Properly-Fu*k’d-Up Situation’

This Makes Me So Very, Very Sad

And I am anticipating a visit from this guy:

Mister DT Man

(Last Time HE Came a-knockin’, I Out-Foxed Him. I Dialed 911 And Went Post-Haste to Hospital)


What a whiner that kid is

Cred: OneShotxKayvaan


UB40 – Red Red Wine

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Oops! Wait!

I Kinda Jumped The Shark On This One.

I Put The Bud Wagon Ahead of the
Clydesdale Horsies

I’ll Get Back To Y’all


I Have So Much Many More Much Things Left To Say. But Not Today. Too Drunk Right Meow.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

My Favorite Movie Of All Time

Hits So Very Close To My My Home…

All Alone

“We’re gonna let you go. Okay?”

I Drink Alone – George Thorogood and the Destroyers

I am drunk beyond repair / despair

Someone dial 911

(And I Caint Find My Telephone)

But I Am Too Drunk Right Now.

To even try.