Yes! The Asshole Is Back, Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation… Obviously This Will Be A WIP–

I Am Frantically Trying to Accurately Recount Events As Fast As I Can, While Still Fresh & Alive & Bubbling In My Mind.

Bare With Me. And Please Stay Tuned!

And Y’all Already Know By Now…

This is a ‘Rough Draft’

Ain’t They All?


DT’S Comin’ On!

Glen Oaks, Take Two, Three, Four, More?

At This Point, I Have Lost Count, Or…

A Sailor/Texan Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest-



One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

“In My Dreams At Least I Don’t Die”

Thank God I Have ‘Frequent Flyer Miles’ W/Them.

“Glen Oaks Loony Toons Hospital”

They Know Me There, But Never in that ‘Biblical Sense’–


(Damn The Rotten Luck!)

Have I used this ‘line’ before?



Anyway, It Fits

For you see, I just Recently Checked in


To Discover what my current condition was in


“Gutter Balls”

For You See,

I Was Never Worth A Shit At Understanding The Lame Game And Even If I Did,

I’M Shit At Bowling.

I Think I Do Not Understand the Rules OF

The Game



I always meet the most fascinating, interesting folks in Re-Hab

P.S. This Time I Met ‘Medusa

And King Kong

And A Real Cowboy

And A Native-American Meth Head

with three, count ’em, Three ‘Baby Mamas

And BTW, when did ‘Baby-Mama’ become a ‘thing?’

I am so far behind the times…

Anyway, I loved them ALL

And I Shall Expand Upon

The ‘Cast-Of-Characters,

Even If It Hare-Lips The Pope


The Idiot And The Odyssey

I realize I have been remiss of late—Not PostingSorry ‘Bout That.

I was over-taken by Events

Perhaps if you read this you will understand and grant me a ‘Pass’.

Or Not

Desperado- Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles

“Your Prison is Walkin’

Thru This World all Alone.”

Yes! My Life Has A Fukkin’ Soundtrack.

And Linda Has A Flat-Ass–I Love Her Anyway!

For you see:

“I have of late—but wherefore
I know not—lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of
exercises; and indeed it goes so heavily with my
disposition that this goodly frame, the earth, seems to
me a sterile promontory, this most excellent canopy,
the air, look you, this brave o’erhanging firmament,
this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, why,
it appears no other thing to me than a foul and pestilent
congregation of vapors. What a piece of work is a man!”

C’est Moi!

But Tread Soft With My Heart.

You Will Not Like Me If You Anger Me

I Will NOT Be ‘Played’

The Forever

Hopeless Romantic


Dyed in the Wool

‘Cock-Eyed Optimist

Dat’s Me!

Ed. Note:

This may be somewhat convoluted, as my memories are often clouded by my booze experiences. I will endeavor to give the best true accounting as I honestly try to remember the events which landed me here, 07JUL2022

“Bad Liver and a Broken Heart”

–Tom Waits For No Man

Midland – Drinkin’ Problem



About a month and a half ago I tried to quit drinking.

Guess what happened?

Went to the Commerce Hospital ER No Less than 3 or 4 times.

Discharged from Hospital last time and was informed I was being evicted from my domicile of two years.

“Too Much Drama” was the reason I was given.

Made sense to me—could not argue her point.

She gave me 24 hours to vacate the premises.

That was NOT gonna work for me so I begged an ‘extension’ of three days. She Granted. (‘Bless her heart’)

Meantime, I called the Commerce Police and asked if they could give me a ride to Glen Oaks ‘Dry-Out/Looney Tunes’ Hospital in Greenville—‘Bout fifteen miles away.

“Sure, We aim to serve and protect.”
“Great! Come get me. I’ll be here on the floor and the door is unlocked.”

Civil Servant Cop came and got me, assisted me to my passenger seat and then dropped me at ‘Glen Oaks Hospital for the Broken’

Since I am a veteran,

They required no money from me—May God Forever Bless them.

I spent about nine days at Glen Oaks—Met some other wonderful ‘Broken’ Souls—There were loving connections Made. I enjoyed the camaraderie.

Eventually, one of the staff, a pimply-faced not much more than a kid, drove me back to my ‘home’ which was no longer my home…

I proceeded to load some of my shit into my Ford LaBomba Explorer.

My erstwhile lover/best friend in my universe had made arrangements for me to stay at the Magnuson Hotel until I could find an apartment—a very cheap apartment.

Finally managed to do that.

Then things got weird.

To Be continued.

Very soon–today, in fact.

Believe That? Wanna Buy a Bridge?

Stay Tuned

Self-Portrait: I Re-Post, Re-Twerk, Re-Write-For Spite Becuz I Am A Narc-A-Siss-Tick Ass-Hole & I ‘Craven’ Attention Spans, Specifically, Yours! ‘Suicide is Painless’

You Have

‘Wasted Yer Finite Time Here!’


Raul Esparza

“There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute”


You Run Tell ’em Freddy!

Uh, Y’all…

This is Forever



I Just Like The Fukkin’ Song / Video–

That’s All!

That is REALLY All This Post is About:

Just A Big Kid Havin’ Fun

Crocodile Dundee –

“That’s Not a Knife”





STOP Sendin’

Those Crisis Intervention

Azz-Holes Over To Mi Casa!


Thank You


MADtv – Intervention:

Life IS FUN!

Enjoy It While It Lasts!

Have A Blast!

Laugh Out Loud!



It Brings On Many


I May Need Help

I Reeeely Do NOT Wanna Die

Not Today



I have a Gun

(As ALL Good Sailors Do)

And yes!

I AM Suicide!


Don’t EVEN Ask Me Why

Just for Fun

I Guess




“The Game of Life is Hard to Play….”

I Think

I’ll Lose it Anyway:



Empty! Try Another!

MT: Try Another!

I was tryin’ to sleep one off.

There came a knock upon my door.

What for?

“Who Dare?”

I generally don’t open my door

Unless I am fully locked, cocked, and loaded

I was for Shit-Sure “loaded


This day For fun

I opened my door.

There was a Boy Scout Standing There with his daddy close behind.

Boy Scout was soliciting money for a good, noble, worthy cause.

He showed me his flyer.

I Pulled out my wallet

Flies flew out.

I Invited him to come back later

(I think he declined. As He fled Away–In Haste–Daddy Close Behind)