The State- of-The USA-Union & World Civilization is “Unsteady.” We Are Extremely Screwed. And I Am The Eternal Optimist. But My ‘Optimism’ Is Waning Fast, Very Fast–Warp Speed Fast.

How Do I Know This? B’Cuz I Had Faster Internet In Iraq & Afghanistan (And Waco) Petrol Was Cheaper Too.

“No Mas! Thanks Joe. You Asshole”


Here’s Uncle Joe; His Brain Is-Movin’ Kinda Slow

His Mind is Not Aware.

He Should Go Back To Delaware

And Remain There

For the rest of his natural Life


We Are In Serious Mortal Danger With This Idiot Sitting In

The White Mouse-House

‘Creepy’ Joe Biden being ‘handsy’ is ‘nothing new’

Credit: Sky News Australia



Louder with Crowder

“No Shit Lance?”
“Yes. Shit.”
“And Lance & Jesus Wept”
In Unison
Thomas Jefferson Wept too


Is Civilization on the Brink of Collapse?

Cred: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


I do honestly fear we are standing on the Precipice Edge of the eve of destruction


(I sure do hope we can survive until 2024)


Eve of Destruction

Cred: PlentyofTorrents


End of Our World As We Knew it

But This Time, I Don’t Feel Fine

Street Cred: R.E.M

Our “Commander In Brief-Brain Dead Chief…” You Gotta Laugh Some-Times To Keep From Cryin’ Over Biden.


WTF is he talking about?

Street Cred: Memology 101

Yep! Me Too Hey Zeus


Bonus Added Value:


“Who’s running the country?”

“The Morons.”

Smothers Brothers

Cred for Share: DrPowerfun

Just Watch The Intro Video–You May Have To ‘Re-Wind’ It A Mite Because YouTube Is Stupido! Kinda Like Nuestro El Presidente Joe y El Primer Hijo, Hunter


Joe Nailed that name for the Boy.

What does Hunter hunt? Drugs and Pussy.

His Only Claim-to-Fame, but he’s good at it.


Or… Watch the Entire Show

If you have an hour of your life you are not using, that is


The Hunter Biden Song

Frickin’ Brillant!


Hunter Biden filmed himself smoking ‘drugs’ during detox

after ‘dad’ gave him $75k


I smoked a lot of ‘shit’ back in my younger days,

Back in the 19′ Seventies...

Mostly in Sinai Desert


But Unlike Hunter,

I grew up

And Became A Man.

Instead of a Child

1 Corinthians 13:11

And, Yes.

Lance has read Both The Old And New Testaments,

Even though being a ‘Devout’ Atheist

Great Reading of 1 Corinthians 13:

Cred: Paul Nicholas

And Yet, I Gave All That Up–

For Lent–


I am such a smart ass!

“Father Forgive Them;

For They know not what they do”

–Hey Zeus

AKA ‘Jesus’

Cred: Madonna. Uh, Duh


Street Cred for Vid:


What-The-Fuk?! YES! This Is A RANT! Just Quietly Slink Away Renee.

Idiot Running Rampant!

Secret Service!

Please LOCK

This Brain-Dead



“Don’T Sugar Coat It Lance;

Tell Us How You Really Feel.”

(Sorry Kids; I Could Not Find The Actual Quote)

Biden Considering Emergency War Powers

Against Oil Companies”





How is Punishing

The Energy Sector

Gonna Help?


Joe! You Are A Stupid Asshole Mo’Fukk’er!

(Is My ‘Currant’ State Of ‘Pissed Off Mind “MInd Too Subtle?)

Let’s just set fire to the whole fukken country Joseph!

Why Not?!

Cred: Salt Man

My Frath-Coming ‘Biden’ Post–I’ll Git Back To… To Too Much Into ‘Happiness’–Tuit, Screw It!–Work In I Die-Gress! Progress. Bye And Bye Bye! And Bye-Bye Bye Bye! Ed. Note:

You Can’t Fix / Break In-Her-

Ain’t Happiness!


“Stupid Is As Stupid Does”


Street Cred:

Ron White!




Crank Up The Volume!

Go On:

Get Happy!


Round Tuit!

“FTW”: Best Tattoo In The Nav: Means “Fuck The World” Very Popular In The Nav.. I Am Livid! Not Sure Why.

(And I am LMFAO! Because No One Is Gonna Get Within A Mile of This Post! Fukking Cowards!) Still Laughing! And here I thought Y’all were made of ‘Sterner Stuff!’ Guess I was misinformed! Hahahahaha!


I just finished watching Sleepy Joe Biden Bang on and on and on about

The Fucking Kenny-Dies

Fucking Kennedys!

Caint Stop Laughing at Their Joke

Which at the time was on Us:

The U.S. of Us!

Vid Cred: Next of Ken


And All they “did” for

Civil Rights!


JFK was so inept he could not even get a pay raise through Congress—For Congressmen! LMFAO!

Lest we forget:

It was LBJ

Who pushed that Civil Rights legislation down the throat of Congress!

Fuck did the Kenny-Dees ever do for us???

Promise the Fuckin’Moon?


Bay of Piglets?


Dead Girl in Chappaquiddick?

Fucking MORON!


Mary Jo Kopechne

Rest in Peace Beautiful Young Lady

And This SHIT SAD STORY Just Repeating Itself!


JF-Fucking Kay Didn’t do shit!

Except fuck Marilyn Monroe!

(And Probably Had Her Murdered)


His ONLY Claim to Fame!

Did Fuckin’ Sleepy Joe even mention LBJ??

No Fucking Way!

What a stupid asshole we have in OUR White Mouse House!

I am gonna loosely quote Molly Ivins here if she were still with us

On Joe Biden:

“If you put that man’s brain in a bumble bee it would fly backwards.”


I am so fucking pissed right now!

Can you tell?

Thank God For Lee Harvey Oswald!

(And Crew)



Fun Fact: My Step-Mother Worked For Jack Ruby

I harbor NO LOVE for Kennedys

Does it show?


This is Good

Not Great

But Worth your time

Trust me

I’m With The Government!


Content Creator Cred: MrBettsClass